Advertisement experiment: is it possible to survive a holiday without the internet

As the classic song goes "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”. So much that I'm spending my week away from the office travelling around the Cornish coast with my boyfriend. One thing makes this trip different and that is the fact that we are doing it almost internet free. Yup, you heard me right, no internet and, rather strangely, this was never our intention at all. We just jumped in the car, used the net to book our first hotel and off we went, not knowing that this would be the last time we’d be using the old 3G.


Man Friday in flyer form 

The first place we planned to visit was St Ives, but alas, once in the area, we couldn't get any internet connection on the smartphone to help guide us to our hotel. We soon started to panic due to being completely lost. Our salvation was found in a petrol station lobby where we had stopped off to ask for directions; a free leaflet which included a detailed map of Cornwall. We were saved and I am happy to say that this little leaflet hasn't left our side since. As well as informing us of directions, it's also provided us with some great ideas for day trips in the St Ives area. I know I've mentioned my love for this marketing product ninja before (link to old post) but it really has led us to our holiday home and helped us find some little day trip gems!

From a brochure to my belly

With the issue of travelling around being resolved by our trusted leaflet map, we then needed to locate a place to eat. As a foodie, my first port of call is usually the internet and sites like TripAdvisor. But in our hotel lobby I came across a free booklet that listed all the best places to dine in and around Cornwall, and this became our dinner bible. We could search by location and didn’t need to rely on getting a bar of phone signal to find somewhere, as there are directions provided to the restaurants in the book. Another win for printed promotion, right there.  


Even taxi drivers have business cards.

When it came to getting to and from places where we may be drinking wine, and therefore didn’t want to drive, we didn't once need to use our smart devices to find taxi numbers. We just picked up the local taxi company business cards that were available at guesthouses and in the restaurants themselves. I kept these in my purse and, when required, just called up and off we went. I was never stranded when my battery was dying.

As an internet marketer, it is easy at times to forget that the world’s knowledge isn't just encased in a digital device in which all answers are just a click away, unless the signal goes! I have learned that tangible information can be so much more effective in getting the job done and making me aware of businesses and places that I otherwise wouldn’t have heard about, as they aren’t on page one of Google. It certainly gave me something to think about but am I alone in my new found love of old school marketing?

What ways do you market yourselves that aren't digitally targeted? Let us know below and please, feel free to #showitoff on our social media accounts. The best of the week does get a prize, after all.



07 May 2014 16:08
Nice post - i too am a big fan of the trusty old leaflet. As you say, sometimes the best discoveries are those that you 'stumble across' - or out of - and I think a lot of that owes to the fact that you enter into them with an open mind. The internet does have a nasty tendency to bombard you with information and overload you with other people's reviews; which can often taint your own opinion.

Leaflets and posters are a simple, effective way of going, 'this is what we do' - try it. And I like that!
Alex Wilkie
08 May 2014 15:51
it isnt the end of the world
16 May 2014 17:33
Karen and Alex, I completely agree! I managed to find some amazing places, that when I came back from Cornwall I Googled and they had very little online presence. I wouldn't have even have found them if I had tried to find them on my own. Highly recommend doing this experiment, it got me excited about travelling again!
Charlotte Barrett
18 Dec 2014 15:05
Its nice to have some time away from technology holidays are great to put this into practise.

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