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As the resident expert on all things wedding here at, I take a rather more keen interest in the nuptials business than the average young (ahem) man.



Those of you who are regular users of our site will be aware that over the past twelve months, we’ve been beavering away developing a comprehensive range of wedding stationery, which is available on a selection of luxury paper stocks that are genuinely market leading.



In an effort to share my exuberant enthusiasm for all things white and lacy with the wider world, we decided to work with the lovely people at the Wedding Fair to promote our Wedding Collection to the visitors of their recent London ExCel show.
As a result, every bride who attended the show received a bespoke sample of some our most popular wedding products and stocks, all packaged up in a chic, oh-so-2015, bag, as well as a tempting offer to try the collection for themselves.



Any of you who attended the show cannot have failed to notice what looked like a sea of magenta as a huge number of the (over 8,000) show visitors used the sample bags to tote around all of the varied wedding-related tchotchkes that are handed out at these events. I mean, who knew there was such a thing as wedding flip-flops? Where I grew up, they were just called flip-flops!



Often these events can be rather soulless, but full credit to the organisers for doing an ace job of making the show feel special. The décor and lighting were spot on, the catwalk was very stylish and goes to show the benefit of true attention to detail.



Personally, I loved the inclusion of the Craft Corner – a real nod towards the growth of the DIY movement in the weddings industry. Plus, there was a plethora of live entertainment ranging from lovely string quartets to the interestingly named Permageddon, who were rather an aggressive wake-up call at 10am on a Saturday morning. 



In all, a really well organised and stylish show, a great opportunity to get out and meet real life couples, and an opportunity to eat as many cake samples as possible without being noticed – there’s no better way to spend a Saturday.


24 Apr 2015 12:31
Looks like it was a fun event - I love wedding shows!
David Brookes
24 Apr 2015 20:58
I love Wedding Fairs
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
27 Apr 2015 10:47
Looks like you had fun!! xox
Stuart Glegg
08 May 2015 16:50
The mad world of wedding fairs
12 Nov 2015 08:25
They are such great opportunities for planning, and you can find things that really enhance the day you'd never had dreamed of otherwise.

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