Advertisement competition winners dish out £500 bar tab prize

Now the team have been to a few pub quizzes in their time, and whilst I personally will not pretend to have been overly successful, we’re apparently harbouring a few prize winners. A hamper, meal for 2, cinema tickets, even fun fair tokens have been won at some point by various team members in their adult quizzing lives. But never have we been offered anything as appealing as a £500 drinks tab.

That’s exactly what was up for grabs by the generous members of the Red Cross Society of Manchester University. Hosted by Sara, our Student Beans ‘Bean Face’ competition winner, the society quizzed their university peers last Monday night, with the winner taking home a hefty £500 bar tab. The rest of the £1,000 bar tab donated by went on drinks provided by the society on the night, which we can only assume may have left on or two not so bright the next day!


Well done again to Sara and the Red Cross Society for their witty entry and we look forward to seeing what they’ll put together for their £250 print prize in 2013.

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