Pink is the new black - introducing Pink Fridays

There's a little event in the retail calendar that sits, oh so unobtrusively, on the fourth Friday of every November. You may have heard of it? Black Friday.

This shopping Armageddon is an American import we're rapidly making our own. The current version of this pre-Christmas event seems to have started sometime in the early 2000s, but the exact start date is shrouded in mystery, with some even suggesting its origins date back to the 1950s and Philadelphia. 

Wherever and whenever it came from, it's undisputedly the day to grab a bargain. But, as we like our customers here at, we thought we'd spare you all that stress of elbowing your fellow human beings away from that irresistable discount and bring some great savings directly to you.

And why just one weekend? We want to spread the love to those other poor, ignored Fridays in November, relegated to second-class citizen status purely because they fall before the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. So hold on tight, don those rose-tinted glasses and brace yourself for the Pink REVOLUTION!

We're banishing drab (but slimming) black this year and introducing you to the wonder of Pink Fridays

Each Friday we'll treat you to a great offer or saving on some of your favourite products, and it all kicks off tomorrow on Friday the 6th of November.

Keep your eyes peeled and look out for that email in your inbox or that Tweet in your feed, and prepare to emit squeals of money-saving delight.



Su Mwamba
13 Nov 2015 06:55
Taking advantage of this to try out the new Kraft business cards (free!). Thanks for the nudge!
18 Nov 2015 08:02
great offers, thanks :)
18 Nov 2015 10:02
Lining up some print jobs for these
Anne-Charlotte S
19 Nov 2015 16:18
Great thank you!

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