Phone photography: 3 must-have apps

Mobile phones are fast becoming one of the most accessible ways into the photography art form. With cameras getting better and better, this kind of photography is not just attractive to first timers, but also seasoned professions who don’t always have a camera to hand when the perfect shot presents itself. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up three of the best photography apps, ready to download and go.

Camera Awesome

With a tempting price tag of ‘free’, Camera Awesome gives you shots that appear sharper, with far better exposure than your average camera phone. It has features like a self-timer, image stabilisation and will allow the user to choose from multiple composition guides, making it even easier to reach picture perfection.

Slow Shutter Cam

It’s all in the name—Slow Shutter Cam is great for those photographers looking to get a longer exposure shot. This app will give you complete control over the exposure and shutter speed, so it’s easier for the user to grab cool shots of light streaks and motion blur, just like you’d be able to on a DSLR camera. If you find yourself out and about after dark, you’ll also find this app is more than brilliant for night photography.

Adobe Photoshop Express

In this day and age, you’ll want to take a shot, edit it and get it out onto the web in minutes. Think of this as Photoshop’s mini companion—you’ll be able to edit your shots on the go with handy one-touch effects and cropping, rotating or colour adjustments at the drag of a finger.

If you fancy putting these apps to the test, why not download a couple? Let us know how you got on in the comments box below or leave a shot or two on our Facebook or Twitter pages? 


Stuart Glegg
26 Nov 2014 08:14
I've been looking for something like slow shutter cam for ages. Thanks
23 Jan 2015 10:16
I've used camera awesome and it is good, especially as it gives better quality photo's than the normal iphone camera app does.
23 Jan 2015 16:45
Thanks Stuart, we do try!

Harakhchand, any others you can recommend to this list? You are very in the know, and we love hearing about news things, especially photography aps!

28 Apr 2016 08:02
not heard of camera awesome before, going to check it out :)
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 15:02
Slow Shutter is amazing, i'd totally recommend it!

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