Our top 10 of what not to buy this Fathers' Day

 It’s that time of the year again, which makes us wish it was March and Mothers’ Day instead, after all Mothers always seem to appreciate flowers more than your father does. 

 Since there seems to be so many ways you can go wrong with Fathers’ day, we decided to research the most un-wanted Fathers' Day gifts, so you could avoid the dreaded 'how thoughtful' comment which we all know translates as ‘I gave you life and you give me this'.  

1. Anything emblazoned with any of the following; ‘Best Dad!’, ‘Super dad!’, ‘#1 Dad’.

Not only do these tacky gifts scream ‘I couldn’t be bothered and left everything until the last minute again’, the title of ‘#1 Dad’ isn’t going to install pride in any dad when they know half the country will be opening a similar present on Sunday morning.

2. Fatherhood for Dummies/Parenting guides

If there is one day of the year not to point out ‘this is where you went wrong’, this would be it.

3. Personal hygiene products

No one wants to be given a nasal hair trimmer as a gift. Ever. 

4. Anything toilet humour themed.

Your dad is not a ten year old boy so why would he honestly want a whoopee cushion and a jumper that says ‘I like farts’?. Before you ask, yes they exist and yes they have been spotted in Fathers’ Day displays.

5. Singing novelty Items.

No. Just no.

6.  Ties

This is the kind of cop-out gift popular with every special occasion throughout the year. Think about the number of ties your dad must have accumulated over the years, have you seen him wear a single one?

7. Socks

Does a pair of socks really work as a way of thanking your dad for a lifetime of support, car rides, bail outs and all those times he helped you move house? We thought not.

8. Useless gadgets

These have been growing in popularity each Fathers’ Day for the past few years. Needless to say the electronic beverage warmer with built in stereo you bought for Fathers’ Day three years ago is gathering dust at the back of the cupboard under the stairs.

9. Golf novelty gifts

Unless your dad actually plays golf!

10. Old Spice

It is not the 1930s…

If you avoid all of the above, you should be on the right path for a successful Fathers’ day present this year. 

Tell us your thoughts on the best and worst Fathers’ Day presents via twitter using #fathersdaybestandworst and post some pictures of the worst Fathers' Day gifts you've found on our Facebook page and we'll add them to our Fathers' Day album

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03 Dec 2016 19:16

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