Stationery as a promotional tool: e-Luminate Festival case study

It's National Stationery Week so we are going mad for all things stationery related here at We've been chatting to our friends over at e-Luminate, a wonderful social enterprise that connects ambitious art with imaginative technology, to shed light on low carbon innovation. What does an ambitious art meets tech festival have to do with stationery, we hear you cry? Well, here’s e-Luminate's story in stationery...

12 days. Around 30 events and installations. A community Interest company relying solely on volunteers and sponsorship.

So, where did we start? With strategically placed posters, of course! This was great for sourcing our wonderful stewards and volunteers. Cambridge railings are always bursting with the latest fabulous events and goings on, it would’ve been rude not to join in.

Skipping through endless weekly team meetings where we were constantly supplied with the best motivation – cake.

We were finally ready to launch the first official e-Luminate Festival Cambridge. We had music, magic and the Mayor to celebrate the official Opening Ceremony in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge. A free event open to the public…but how would people know about it? We had a great social media campaign naturally, but a huge promotional help was some cute little leaflets. We handed them out, put them in shops, notice boards and pubs (I personally saw to the latter).

We also did a bit of a fancy do for our VIPs. All the trimmings, canapés, wine, violinist duet. And…tickets. We created personalised tickets for everyone attending and posted them out in VIP ‘esque’ black envelopes. These also doubled as name badges, sliding them into lanyards on arrival. 

Throughout the whole festival, we provided the official programme with all of our events and a handy map (as well as web and app based versions). Great for the walking tours and due to their size, we could also use them as promotional leaflets for the whole event, we’re very resourceful here at e-Luminate. 

12 days disappeared so fast, we’d seen Kings College in rainbow colours, a piano concert in complete darkness (well as much as Health and Safety would let us get away with), a Guinness World Record and you could even play a huge noughts and crosses game in lights on the Guildhall.

Luckily we’d held a photo competition so we have some great memories in print. We had our top 10 displayed around the room at the Closing Ceremony, and awarded prizes to our winners.

And what award would be complete without the all important envelope reveal? Not quite the Oscars but a very special night, and the perfect way to bring the festival to a close.

So there you go, thats how to promote your event using stationery from us, your friends at Join in the National Stationery Week buzz by telling us how you use stationery to promote your business. You can use the comment box below. 



Alex Wilkie
03 Apr 2014 12:29
in the time of social media to get a broad audience you still have to attract older viewers and people who deliberately shy away from Smart phones et al, hence there will always be a place for the leaflet.
04 Apr 2014 15:43
Paper marketing materials are definitely still essential.
Adam Smith
07 Apr 2014 15:45
Even in my business.... an online marketing and design agency, print marketing is ESSENTIAL.
C Hiazos
11 Apr 2014 11:12
Paper is king, no matter how digital we get

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