October’s brilliant bits: our must-see blogs, sites and creatives

It's a whole new month! And now that we've all had a little bit of time to adjust to the fact that it's now somehow November, we thought we'd get all nostalgic with a misty-eyed look back at our favourite bits of the internet from October. Hold tight it's going to be a wild(ly creative) ride!

Adobe launches the new Photoshop Fix mobile app - Gizmodo
Any new product launch from Adobe is always going to be met with a mix of fear and excitement from the Creative community, but this one looks like a win from the get-go. This mobile friendly 'quick fix' photo-editing application is designed to let you make those initial touch-ups on-the-go. And even better it's totally free. So get off Candy Crush and get some work done - but, you know, only if you want to. Read a review here.

Shadow knives by Li Hongbo – Creative Boom
Combining the traditions of shadow puppets and sculpture, all while making an (ahem) 'pointed' statement about humanity's negative impact on the natural world, Chinese artist Li Hongbo's creations manage to transform the slightly grisly - buthcher's knives - into spectacular 3D art. We love the frog one. Check out the full story here.

Cloud-shaped coffee tables and more – Pygmy Cloud
We're a nation obsessed by the weather and hot drinks, so why not celebrate that by embracing the perfect marriage of the two found in a cloud-shaped coffee table. Designed by London firm Pygmy Cloud as a lighthearted comment on the Great British weather, these great pieces of furniture are produced by craftspeople close-by to the fun firm's East London office. (Silver-lining not included.)

Terrifying pumpkin art by Villafane Studios
We couldn't let a review of October pass us by without including something suitably spooky. Take a gander at the work of Villafane Studios in the US of A, who turn pumpkin carving into a creepy art form. They're so good at transforming these oversized orange squash into assorted beasties that they've even done it for the White House. One thing's for certain, you'll be inspired to up your game when next Halloween rolls around.

Got anything you’d like to share? Drop a link in the comments box below and share with your fellow creatives.


Stuart Glegg
18 Nov 2015 10:04
Photoshop fix looks great, just downloaded
23 Mar 2017 10:37
the shadow knives carvings are awesome!

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