The Apprentice episode eight: their art wasn't in it

After last night’s show, the general consensus seems to be that the right decisions were made and the right candidate was fired. However, as always, I can’t help feel that the wrong team won. Despite a theatre of comedy errors, witnessed in disbelief by the formidable Karen Brady, team Sterling snagged the win, and a rather questionable paint throwing prize.


So, team Phoenix’s troubles started when The Apprentice favourite, Tom, was unable to secure the trust of the elusive Pure Evil. Name dropping all of the other street artists you are a fan of, whilst ignoring the artist’s work, is a sure fire way to buddy up, surely? Apparently not.  When hearing the news that Pure Evil had picked team Sterling to represent him, Tom showed his first sign of weakness in the whole series, perhaps showing glimmers of his age and inexperience. His head was in his hands and he was obviously massively disheartened by the failure. Perhaps it was this defeatism which urged him to throw caution to the wind and pick an artist whose paintings sold for upwards of £8K.

Obviously this was an error, as none of the paintings sold, but Lord Sugar likes a man to take risks – even if they do fail rather catastrophically – and so Tom’s head swerved the chop in the boardroom. I’m not sure if Sir Alan would feel the same if Tom had taken the same risks with his money but hey, this is television. All in all the team made some great sales and managed to impress their corporate client, which was a key element in the task, so it was unfortunate they lost.

Aside from some issues, every week the debate comes down to who is the best sales person rather than who has the most potential as an all-round businessman. Lord Sugar clearly has some rather unjustified brother love for market tradesman, Adam. It’s clear that he identifies with his background and his ‘cheeky chappy’ salesman patter, and subsequently gives him an unfair advantage over everyone else. He can sell and he sold a lot of art this week, several creepy crawly toys last week, and pretty much everything you throw at him, but is that all he can do? That remains to be seen.

Source: "The Apprentice episode eight: their art wasn't in it " (Business Zone)


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