New product: moving ink business cards!

Shred your QR code business cards and burn that stack of hologram cards; we’ve got something new that is about to make them look like some kind of ridiculous networking antique from yesteryear. Prepare your minds and your business card holders for…moving ink business cards. No longer confined to the world of Harry Potter, moving ink is a reality that can be enjoyed by everyone, not just boy wizards.

We call them Magicards; business cards for the networking professional that embraces the future with both arms. Our team of dedicated scientists have developed a new kind of lamination/ink technology which allows images and text to form freely on the surface of your business cards. Just supply your artwork in a looping flash animation and we can programme it into your cards and print, just like that!

As with most massive scientific break-throughs, the science behind the project has been somewhat controversial. The new ink was cultivated from the inky embryos of squid to form semi-sentient liquid. Until it is programmed into a card, the ink needs to be contained inside a holding tank to prevent it from escaping and vandalising public property like a gang of unruly teenagers with spray cans. Although protestors have attempted to free the ink, the formula remains a closely guarded secret at the London headquarters.

Imagine it: you hand your business card to a new contact, they look down and there you are, waving at them from underneath the silky lamination, the ink merging to forming your tagline and business name, before disappearing and re-forming to show your contact details. The titillating and enchanting world of Harry Potter brought to life before their very eyes!

Once you try a moving ink business card, you’ll instantly find yourself caught up in the magic and mystery of this incredible new technology. You may even be tempted to smash your home printer in disgust and disappointment. We recommend hiring new staff now, to cope with all the additional business these amazing cards will bring in.

So how can you order one of these brilliant new cards? Head to our business cards page, select Magicards from the list of products and then remember that it’s April the first. Happy April Fool’s Day!



C Hiazos
01 Apr 2014 17:10
That was good...

I actually got excited & went to Google looking for Magicards.

Good, good.
01 Apr 2014 21:28
This all sounded a little too good to be true until I realised the date..
01 Apr 2014 22:45
Hmmmm what's today's date?
David Brookes
02 Apr 2014 09:57
ha ha
Alex Wilkie
02 Apr 2014 12:34
i could use these for my square egg company
Adam Smith
07 Apr 2014 15:46
Where can I order???? :P

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