New product launch - wrapping paper

This one's for you, you canny poster re-purposers. We noticed a while back that there was a bit of an odd surge happening in A2 poster printing around a certain end-of-year celebration, so we snuck a little look. Turns out that a number of our customers were crafting and printing-up beautiful Christmas wrapping paper (you clever lot).

In the past we've encouraged the rest of you to join in the gift wrap fun if you fancied, but we've now decided to reward our early adopters with a custom-built product page created for their custom-printed wrapping paper needs.

So here it is! Bespoke wrapping paper is now (officially) a product. 

It's still early days so we're kicking it off with simple to use sheets of A2 in Uncoated 75gsm, with the option to print single or double sided. So take those gorgeous patterns and illustrations and add this as a fab new product to your stationery of interiors range or use if for your own customers for a touch of classy in store branding they can take home with them. 

Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, Administrative Professionals' Day - there's a host of things you could use it for. And everyone loves unwrapping gifts right?

Check out wrapping paper at here.

print wrapping paper at


David Brookes-Lennon
30 Apr 2016 15:06
Cool :-)
01 May 2016 12:26
01 May 2016 12:43
Love this!
Su Mwamba
05 May 2016 08:55
Excellent - I'm sure I will be partaking of this option!
Elodie Colin
17 May 2016 21:04
What a great way to make a gift even more special!
Stuart Glegg
18 May 2016 19:42
Nice, Will think of something to do.
Bryony Bishop
10 May 2017 16:46
Such a great addition to the family!
14 Feb 2018 11:27
Will you be adding kraft paper to your wrapping paper selection? The ability to print with the white inks on kraft wrap would be amazing.

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