New product launch - branded notebooks

We admit it - we get a little more excited about stationery than the average Joe. But as you are reading this here blog we're guessing that you might be prone to getting a tad over-excited about the feeling of crisp sheets of paper between your fingers too. So brace yourself...

Here come branded notebooks.

Imagine it. Gorgeous, pristine pages, lined or unlined as your heart so desires, and all in your chosen colour and featuring your logo or ideal design on its sleek covers. It's giving us goosebumps. 

These wiro-bound delights come in a choice of A4, A5 or cute and compact A6 and with the option of a white of black binding to match your look. The only down-side is that you might have to give them away to other people (or you know, sell them) rather than keeping them all to yourself.

See the new range here - branded notebooks at

branded notebooks


Rachael Lucas
15 Apr 2016 11:26
You guys just keep getting better! i've been waiting for these to arrive and now they have! can't wait to order my notebook designs!
15 Apr 2016 16:53
Eek! Excited much!
16 Apr 2016 07:18
Template .pdfs come up with error.
Is two sided both sides of note book covers of the front of the front and back of the back?
David Brookes-Lennon
17 Apr 2016 09:33
This is great :-)
19 Apr 2016 13:28
Oooh, exciting! I'm going to have to order myself some of these!
20 Apr 2016 12:18
Going to have to get some of these!
Su Mwamba
23 Apr 2016 06:08
Awesome - but a little unclear... Are the covers fully customisable or is it just adding a logo to a blank cover? Does 'printed sides' option mean front and back of front cover, or can both front and back covers be customised (but only on one side)? Great to see A6 option, but definitely some clarification needed before I can start plotting...!
26 Apr 2016 07:53
These are great but I would love different binding options - a possibility for the future?
01 May 2016 12:21
look great!
30 May 2016 20:03
Is the pricing correct for these? The unit cost doesn't seem to add up with the overall cost. Also - can we have these in kraft please?!
07 Jun 2016 13:40
Hi Su,
You can customise both the front and back covers, and choose whether to have artwork on one or both sides. This gives you more flexibility.

The unit cost you see does have a glitch - we are looking at fixing this. The overall price is correct! We are looking at adding more papers to this product, so thanks for the suggestion. If you do want to order these branded notebooks in kraft, you can do this via our bespoke service or email who will be able to advise.

Hope this helps!

Vanessa @
15 Mar 2017 08:48
Great that these are available in A6 size too

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