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As we're a printer you might be less than surprised to hear we're rather fond of the printed page, especially in the form of a gripping page-turner of a paperback. There's nothing we like more than going all beach-bum with a thriller in hand, and if there's one thing we can't stand it's losing our place when we have to emerge back into the real world for that tea refill or to order the next piña colada. And broken spines and folded pages are an absolute no-no in our book. As are boring bookmarks. 

We realise you probably aren't going to want to design your own and do a print order just for your own personal use (there's only so many bookmarks a person needs at one time after all) but imagine the possibilities...

Stationers can add an extra product to their line, education institutions and creative agencies can create beautifully branded ones to staff or use them for promotion, or you could even have them as an alternative gift for the guests at a wedding.

Whatever creative use you come up with for your bookmarks you can now order them here.

And remember to nab one or two for yourself - after all the summer holiday is coming up sharpish.

print your own bookmarks at


Stuart Glegg
08 Apr 2016 23:58
Brilliant, been looking for these for a while
10 Apr 2016 10:29
Great! Think I might order some of these in the summer to giveaway with orders!
David Brookes-Lennon
11 Apr 2016 09:23
Oh these will make great save the dates :-)
Rachael Lucas
12 Apr 2016 17:35
oh fantastic!! ive been wanting to do book marks for my wedding collections!
12 Apr 2016 23:06
Fab! (Though a week late - needed these last week)
Su Mwamba
13 Apr 2016 19:47
Excellent, I have been waiting for these to be added! So many ideas...
16 Apr 2016 12:42
Will be adding these to my promo Wish List. Great idea!
20 Apr 2016 12:12
these would make a great free gift to enclose with big orders :)
01 Jun 2016 22:31
Great addition - would like to see the price drop a little, though!
15 Mar 2017 08:44
these are nice, a great freebie to give customers

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