New lower prices have arrived!

We want you to get the best value out of your print, which is why we’ve lowered our prices across a great range of products, with even more choice and affordability.

Below you can find out about our nine products with examples of how to get lower priced options. Happy shopping!


Greeting Cards 

With a huge range of paper pick ‘n’ mix options, including our new pastel stocks, a choice of folds and finishes, AND foiling and laser cutting also available, the sky really is the limit for your creativity. Plus, you can save 35% when you order 2,500 A5 cards in our popular 350gsm Silk paper stock, single sided. And that's not all - you'll bag free white envelopes too!



Wirobound Documents 

If you need brochures or documents that lie flat or fold back on themselves, wiro binding is our recommendation. Bind your dissertations, booklets or brochures securely and professionally with a durable, neat, metal spiral. And now, save up to 22% on A4 and A5 single sided wirobound documents. Shop:


Presentation Folders

Exude confidence in a killer presentation with quality document folders. We’ve made our presentation folder order wizard even easier to use as well, so there’s no excuse for print without professional panache, especially savings of 20% when you order 500 copies! Shop:


Indoor Posters

Take your large format print to the next level with an indoor poster of the very best quality. And with new lower prices, starting from just £12.50 it's never been easier to make an impact. Choose from satin or velvety matt paper stocks and get more for your money - 100 A2 prints in 190gsm Satin paper stock now has a saving of 24%. Shop:

Leaflets & Flyers 

With 15 paper stocks to choose from, and a choice of finishes such as striking white ink, you can create perfect print marketing. Get 1,000 Silk 170gsm single sided A5 leaflets with a saving of 34% and really bring your message to life now:


Folded Leaflets

Again with a whopping 15 paper stocks to choose from, you have the freedom to make your folded leaflets as unique as you want; think menus, newsletters, price lists and mini booklets. Make marketing easy and now get  500 A4 double sided Folded Leaflets on 170gsm Silk with a saving of 30%. Shop:



Using sturdy wire binding and thick cardboard to help calendars maintain shape, there’s no better way to keep your designs, photos or business name on the tip of people’s tongues. Now enjoy our new lower prices on our complete calendar range including 16% off Desktop (based on 14 pages, 350 gsm Silk cover and 170gsm Silk pages, double sided) and 25% off Thumbcut (based on 14 pages, 350gsm Silk cover and 170gsm Silk pages, single sided). Shop:


Brand your business the affordable way or add that finishing touch to promos, packaging, invitations and more. The sky’s the limit for imaginative ways to use stickers, and now, they start at just £10!




In the business world first impressions really count, so make sure all correspondence your customers and clients receive are dressed in your branding with professional letterheads. Now they’re even better value; nearly 25% less pricey for 2,500 on 120gsm Uncoated paper stock. Shop now:


Compliment Slips

Don't leave your Letterheads all lonely; add a Compliment Slip to your business stationery too. Branded with your very own seal of approval, they are an excellent way to show that your business values those all important details. Complete your business stationery for less with 1,000 Uncoated single sided slips in 120gsm for 40% less:

Hardback Books

Get that case bound premium feel, without the premium cost. We’ve lowered the price of Hardback Books, so they’re more affordable than ever – prices now start from just £70!



How will you be enjoying our lower prices? Tell us which products you’ll be buying by commenting below! 


12 Aug 2017 11:26
nice one, thanks for the info and the lower prices!
14 Aug 2017 11:07
Great to see greeting cards are included in the price drop! always bought in bulk so the savings are greatly appreciated!
18 Sep 2017 10:32
Thanks! This is great!
Bryony Bishop
28 Oct 2017 16:22
Thanks guys, all things I use regularly so always appreciate a saving!
David Brookes-Lennon
30 Oct 2017 11:51
This is great news :-)
31 Oct 2017 18:58
Great news about greeting cards. Thank you!
Claire Barnard
01 Nov 2017 10:01
I'm so interested in getting some calendars done - missed out for this year timeless my end but definitely going to order some in time next year! x
David Brookes-Lennon
02 Nov 2017 09:31
Great News
16 Nov 2017 07:55
excellent, thanks
Flourish & Luxe
25 Jan 2018 17:08
Savings are always welcomed. Keep up the great work!

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