New 100% biodegradable eco banner launches at

Online print store,, are set to launch a new material for their banner printing this week. The company continually invests in sourcing environmentally friendly paper stocks, production methods, recycling and waste management, and hopes their new banner material is another step in this direction.

The new banner material, named the ‘eco banner’, will be available alongside vinyl as an option for their large format banner printing. The eco banner is a lightweight woven 170gsm banner which is highly durable and can match the strength of a 440gsm banner. The material consists of Polyethylene and is an environmentally friendly alternative to the vinyl materials which many large format printers use. are industry leaders in environmentally responsibly printing practices and currently reuse or recycle 100% of their waste, have an FSC accreditation, ISO 14001 and are part of World Land Trust. Researching and resourcing biodegradable banner material is another huge step towards making print more environmentally responsible.

The banners will continue to be printed with odorless, latex inks, created from recyclable materials, for the sharp and vibrant colours are known for, without harming the environment. founder, Nicholas Green said: “Finding ways to combine responsible printing with innovative new products—things in which our customers can enjoy and use—is something we will always strive for.” state that they will continue to invest in innovative new paper stocks, printing methods and environmental practices, making this one of many in a long list of changes to set a precedent for the UK printing industry.

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2 comments on “New 100% biodegradable eco banner launches at

  1. Alex Wilkie on

    Any eco friendly product has to be a step in the right direction.
    And you do have more than one of these within your range, well done.



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