Name the design tool

Designers it's time to step forward and show off how well you know the tools of your trade. Or you know 'goof off' for a few minutes and still feel at least a tad professional while doing it.

Can you identify these 6 digital design tools referenced or shown below? Validation or self-recrimination await below!


1) Which mis-leadingly named Photoshop tool will let you create a fillable and re-sizable rectangle?

A) The Line Tool
B) The Rectangular Marquee Tool
C) The Magic Wand Tool (Harry Potter taught us magic wands can do anything!)

2) What would you primarily use InDesign for?

A) Nothing. I'm not a computer crashing sadist!
B) Balloon modelling - no?
C) Magazine or book layouts - it's a multi-page must.

3) What does The Scallop tool in Adobe lllustrator do?

A) Gets you directions to great local seafood restaurants.
B) Adds curved details to the outline of an object.
C) Allows you to make shallow indentations into a surface..

4) Identify the Photoshop tool symbol shown below. 

photoshop tool

A) The Healing Tool.
B) The Spot Healing Tool.
C) The 'Sponsored by Elastoplast' Tool.

5) You want to create a gorgeous geometrical pattern design, which piece of software should be your go to?

A) InDesign - I'd use it for everything if I could! 
B) MS Paint.
C) Illustrator.

6) What Photoshop tool is a designer's best friend when they want to create a realistic reflection in a flat surface? 

A) I'll be using the Reflection tool in Illustrator for this thanks. 
B) The Dodge Tool. 
C) The Gradient Tool. 

Scroll down for answers and judgement...


Want Answers? We got 'em.

Question 1:

Answer - A) The Line Tool
Ah, a Line Tool that won't actually give you a line - Adobe you crack us up. Award yourself 1 well-earned point.


Question 2:

Answer - C) Magazine or book layouts - it's a multi-page must.
We think of it as a necessary evil. Give yourself another point why don't you!

Question 3:

Answer - B) Adds curved details to the outline of an object.
You're on a roll. Level-up with another point.

Question 4:

Answer - B) The Spot Healing Tool.
Get it? Got it. Good. Give your question-answering ninja of a self another point. Boom!

Question 5:

Answer - C) Illustrator.
It's a handy little blighter. That's another one to you Sir/Madame.

Question 6:

Answer - C) The Gradient Tool. 
It's C again, but we'll give you a half-point if you answered A (wear your sassy-pants with pride).


Your Score 

1-2 points - It's time to go back to the drawing board as computer-aided design is clearly mystifying you a bit at the moment. Oh dear.

3-4 points - Either you're a die-hard single-software-er or you're a smarty-pants who works with a plethora of free-to-use design tools. Not bad going either way. 

5-6 points - You are a digital design doyen. A tablet teaser. A gradient guru. Give yourself a hearty pat on the back, and go make that Adobe training series and become the YouTube star you were clearly meant to be.


09 Apr 2016 00:05
It's sad how easy I found this
Hannah Allwright
10 Apr 2016 10:38
5 out of 6!
01 May 2016 12:25
6 / 6 :D
15 Mar 2017 11:29
5 out of 6 for me
Bryony Bishop
24 Apr 2017 15:10
6 out of 6, get in!

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