Mummy cards: playground networking goes to the next level

Who’s your daddy? With the newest craze for parental business cards, no one need ask again. No longer just the plaything of cookie-making, apple-cheeked American ‘moms’, the mummy card has reached the UK, and parents are dishing them out by the dozen. So what are they and why do you need a set?

What are they?

Mummy cards are business cards which have been reclaimed by parents; useful hand-outs which give your name, the name of your child, your contact number and a secondary contact number, just in case you can’t be reached.

These cards cut out the need to scribble all your details down on a scrap of paper each time you leave your child with a babysitter, at a friend’s house or activity group. Keeping a stack to hand means that you can pass out all the necessary details, without worrying whether you have a paper or pen handy, or if the babysitter is going to be able to read your rushed handwriting.

If your child is new to a school or you are new to parenting itself, having a mummy card means you can swap details with other playground-loitering parents quickly while making yourself look flashy and prepared. Having the contact details for all the parents of the children visiting your own home is useful too, and makes co-ordinating sleepovers and playtime easier.

What should you put on them?

Making sure that your mummy cards have all the most important details on them is vital- it’s what the whole card is about. Aside from your own name and which child/children belong to you, try to include several emergency contact numbers, and even an email address for non-urgent questions or queries.

Some parents like to include a picture of their child on their card, or a group shot of the whole family, useful for parents with several children- it also allows you to be identified on sight as the parent. If you don’t want to put a picture of your child on your mummy card, there are loads of great design ideas to get you thinking, take a look at our own business card design gallery to get some inspiration.

Other uses

Mummy cards aren’t just a fun idea for parents, business cards can also be drafted in for other uses you never knew where there. If your child suffers from any allergies or medical conditions, some parents choose to print a set of medical cards to outline what the problems are and how to administer any medication the child has. You can also add details of your local allergist or doctor in case of emergencies. Why not add a line or two to your mummy card with some of this information on it, just to cover all the bases?

Grandparent cards are great gift for new nans and granddads, and let them show off their grandkids while providing them with all the information they’ll need for those emergency babysitting duties!

If your children are of the furry, four-legged variety, you can even try printing a set of cards to let cat or dog-sitters, or kennels and catteries know your pet’s name, vet details, how often they should be fed and which brand of food they like best.

Business cards aren’t just for professionals, exchanging information is key to forging new relationships and being contactable in all walks of life- treat yourself to a set of cards and see for yourself!

Do you use mummy cards or know someone that does? Share your experiences in the comments box below!


03 Mar 2016 11:55
this is a new one on me!

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