Mini is mighty!

To celebrate the launch of our Mini Cards we have gathered some of our favourite mini creations from across the web for you to enjoy! And snuck a mini animal in as well for extra cuteness.


Surprise Me Baby Biskie box by Cutter & Squidge                        

These little bite-sized biskies in assorted flavours are great for sharing and events such as birthday parties and friends gatherings. The 18 assorted baby biskies come in different flavours so you can sample the latest collection. Yummy! 


Mini Food TV Channel

Taking the Internet by storm, the Mini Food TV channel on YouTube is all about cooking real food in miniature. Offering a range of dishes, including desserts, pizza, omelette and even doughnuts, these shows are utterly addictive.


RED5 Q4 Worlds Smallest Quadcopter

Only 5x5cm, the Quadcopter is perfect for flights, flip and loops. Apparently this little guy is quite nippy, and has 4-channel, 6-axis flight, a self-righting feature and built-in gyro for stable soaring. Pretty impressive for something so small. Maybe it can deliver the mini pizzas from Mini Food TV?


Bite Me Not Jewellery

Hailing from Rhodes, Greece, BiteMeNot specialise in handmade jewellery made from polymer clay. Evaggelia and Dora make necklaces and earrings decorated with mini cupcakes, waffles, macaroons and much more. Some even come scented! Our favourite in the office is the waffle with strawberries necklace.


Everyday Miniatures

Alan Ronay combined his love of TV and model making to create his classic TV show sets. You have the option of buying ready-made sets or downloading a DIY version of the set you fancy. Monica’s apartment from Friends is amazing, with sneaky extra props such as Phoebe’s dollhouse, Monica’s cleaning gloves and the TV guide addressed to “Miss Chanandler Bong.”


Micro pigs

The micro pig is the pet ‘du jour’ right now. Super cute, micro pigs are affectionate and sociable pets that can live in your home and even be litter trained. They are bred very carefully to ensure their small stature. However, it is impossible to be exact on the size they may grow to… 


Sometimes less really is more. These skinny business cards are perfect as printed product labels, either free standing as a label holder or as a swing tag. Remember, mini is mighty!

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24 Jun 2016 18:57
lol! love these mini creations and skinny business cards are a great idea :D.
25 Jun 2016 09:01
Love the new mini cards - can think of lots of great uses for them - but ADORE the Baby Biskie Box and think "Cutter & Squidge" is the best business name I've ever heard!!
Su Mwamba
27 Jun 2016 05:50
Free micro pig with every set of mini cards? I'm in! No, wait, I think I've misunderstood... Well ok, the mini cards are pretty cool even without free pig. Off to the design board...!
12 Mar 2017 11:26
Bite Me Not Jewellery is awesome, I've just checked out their website and I love their products - with Easter coming up they have some great gift ideas
Bryony Bishop
11 May 2017 08:29
Great addition!

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