Meet the first of your Reward Programme partners: theofficesuppliessupermarket

Plus, £50 office supplies voucher up for grabs in their customer challenge recently launched the UK’s 1st printing reward programme, aimed at giving you and your business more for  your money when you buy print with As well as being able to use your points for print, we’ve also handpicked you three great partners for you to redeem your points with and benefit from exclusive offers.

This week, we caught up with one of your partners, theofficesuppliessupermarket, to tell you a bit more about what they do, how they do it and the characters behind the cabinets and cartridges. 

officesuppliessupermarket Team

To top it all off, they’ve set our readers a quick challenge, with a £50 credit for office supplies up for grabs. Read on and submit your entry, all entrants will receive 100 printed points.

Meet Martin Fairall, Marketing Manager and keen office Olympian:

What does theofficesuppliessupermarket offer?

We offer a range of 20,000 office supplies; selling everything from filing cabinets, chairs and desks, to pens and pencils with everything in between. 

How long has the company been in business for?

Supermarket is part of the Superstat group of companies which has been trading since 1994 and employs 26 people.

Where are you based and how many people work with you?

Our head office is in Leeds, West Yorkshire. There are 26 employees based in our Leeds branch. We have a network of regional partners spread throughout the UK and eight regional storage depots.

What are your three most popular products?

Paper, subject dividers and staples

How are you different to other office supplies companies?

We are different because of how we are structured. We take orders centrally and deliver them via our regional partners.  Our partners have invested into the supermarket program and we care deeply about the quality of service we provide.   There is very rarely a problem with the orders we take, but when issues do occur our team will go the extra mile to make sure it’s sorted quickly and professionally. We received an email from a customer last December that sums our service up. 

“When the snow had blocked the road to our offices [in Sheffield] your driver got out and carried our stationery order from his van, half a mile down the road, across the car park and up to our offices. Thank you. ”

What’s the best business advice you received in the past year?

If in doubt tell the truth.

What was the last thing the team there did together socially?

We took the whole team out to watch the 20/20 at Headingly. Unfortunately it was the same night England played Sweden in the Euro so we all had our backs to the cricket watching the football on TV.

Who’s had the best ’15 minutes of fame’ in the team?

Our superstar saleswoman Naomi Evans has done a few TV spots as a walk on. Her most recent spot was on the TV series ‘Burn It’ featuring Lisa Faulkner and William Ash. She played an extra in two scenes where she gave two fantastic acting performances; pulling off “sitting on a chair” in a restaurant  and “sitting quietly” in a cinema scene. Naomi is not pursuing her acting career further but still keeps her hand in; practicing her sitting wherever she can. 

If the team had to compete against at any sport, what would they choose?

Office chair Curling. We are pretty good and we practice. A lot. It’s a bit like the curling you see in Olympics but without the guy with the brush.


For your chance to win a £50 credit from theofficesuppliesupermarket, simply comment below, stating your answer to the following question before midday on Friday 31st of August.

What is the lowest priced item on the theofficesuppliessupermarket site? Leave your answer as a comment below.

Good luck!

One correct winning entry will be drawn at random by theofficesuppliessupermarket on Friday 31st of August at midday. Only one entry per account. 100 printed points will be added within 7 days of your approved comment. If more than one person provides the correct answer, the winner will be selected at random.



21 Aug 2012 15:55
nick anderson
21 Aug 2012 22:38
and your white HB pencils look very cheap, I think they could be the cheapest thing you sell.
Gary Wood
23 Aug 2012 15:20
5 Star Glue Stick solid washable non toxic small 10g - 0.29p

Peter Ashwell
23 Aug 2012 17:59
To win a £50 credit from theofficesuppliesupermarket.

Answer to the following question: What is the lowest priced item on the
theofficesuppliessupermarket site?

White Box Pencils HB [Pack 12][093745]
Price: (excl VAT) 29p
Nick McBurney
24 Aug 2012 09:22
Lowest Price Item = 5 Star Paperclips Metal Large 33mm Plain [Pack 100] @ 25p

p.s. Once I send this everyone will be able to see what the cheapest item is (assuming im correct), kind of spoils the competition.

Fingers crossed anyway :)
Peter Bovill
24 Aug 2012 10:09
5 Star Crystal Tape Roll Easy-tear Permanent Secure 19mm x 33m
David Fern
25 Aug 2012 16:16
White Box Pencils HB [Pack 12]
26 Aug 2012 20:01

Cheapest item?
5 Star Pencil Sharpener Plastic Canister Maximum Pencil Diameter 8mm 2 Hole Coloured
29 Aug 2012 16:59
FREE advice from the personal advisor on Live Chat
Alex Griffin
03 Sep 2012 15:41
And the winner is...Nick McBurney! Well done Nick, theofficesuppliessupermarket will be sending your voucher very soon. £0.25 for paperclips was the correct answer.

You must have crossed them pretty hard.

Keep an eye out for this weeks new partner, Inspire + and their giveaway!
Nick McBurney
04 Sep 2012 11:13
Great Thanks :D

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