Meet the exclusive Rives paper stocks

Introducing: Rives Dot and Rives Tweed. Because these are not your normal, run of the mill (pun intended) textured papers, we thought we’d take some time to help you get to know these Rives paper stocks: how they print, their textures, their weight and maybe even a tactile description or two.

textured rives tweed: Rives Paper Stocks

Rives paper stock- Rives Tweed

Tweed paper — did you ever hear the like?! This paper does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives a tweed-style texture to print, and if we’re being honest, we just can’t get enough of it. Here are the need-to-know stats about our titillating tweed paper:

• The texture: Rives Tweed paper is a tweed-style textured paper, giving the appearance of finely woven fabric running in neat diagonal lines. So unusual is this effect that it proves difficult to resist the temptation to touch it and see what it’s like.

• The print: The surface of this paper is uncoated, so text is really readable in all lighting. Printed inks will be absorbed further into the fibres of the paper, making the appearance of the finished print look flatter and more understated. Solid, block colours will look really enriched, with the tweed pattern giving depth.

The thickness: Rives Tweed paper comes in 350gsm.

Perfect for: Plain, smart designs that are looking for a unique little edge. Or strong block colours that need some added depth and gorgeousness.

textured rives dot: Rives Paper Stocks

Rives paper stock- Rives Dot

Smart, retro and — dare we say it — ever so slightly geeky. Rives Dot is unusual enough to make an impression, but not so out there that people are going to focus more on the paper than what’s printed on it. It’s a nice entry paper stock for those that want to dip a toe into the world of texture.

The texture: this paper is pressed with hundreds of tiny, neat little dots, all in clean, smart rows. It just makes us want to start connecting them up and creating pretty designs. In terms of touchability, this is somewhat subtle on the fingertips.

The print: like its tweed twin, Rives Dot is an uncoated, textured paper that brings a more understated style to print. We like to call it ‘modern retro’. Text is visible and bright colours appear soft and subdued.

The thickness: Rives Dot paper comes in 350gsm.

Perfect for: simple, retro-style designs (think sixties suave). Because the pattern is so accessible and versatile, you can swing it smart or style it unusual.

Are you ready to meet these exclusive new rives paper stocks? Team them with your designs today on a textured business card or for more information about our paper stocks, check The Ultimate Guide to Paper Stocks

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