March’s brilliant bits: our favourite blogs, sites and creative stuff

March has been, made a memorable somewhat stormy appearance, and then sashayed out for a stylish and sunny exit. And now it's time to round up its handpicked best bits - creatively speaking of course. 

Facebook Canvas – Facebook
Fine, so technically this was launched at the end of February, but March was marketers and other assorted Facebook advertisers first chance to get stuck in and start making full use of this new format for engaging the now liking, loving and wowing social media masses. So what's it do? Well it's expanding, full-screen, panoramic photo ads. Not excited? You should be as this shows Facebook bringing the 'image first' ideology of Instagram to its main platform...finally.

Pop-up calligraphy by Tolga Girgin – ilikethesepixels 
From online wizardry to old-school artistry. Calligraphy maestro Tolga Girgin got some attention in March when his fantastic '3D' lettering popped-up all over the internet. A full-time electrical engineer Tolga took up calligraphy as a hobby and developed his illusion-inducing style (described as 3D anamorphic letters) as a past-time. Check out his work and find out a little more about him here.

Floor plans from your favourite shows – ilikethesepixels 
More painstakingly-created illustration magic courtesy of ilikethesepixels. We all have that show (or possibly more than one) that we're a little too invested in. The one where the characters have become something more akin to family members. Whether this is the like of Friends, Seinfeld, the Simpsons or the Gilmore Girls for you, you can be assured that Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is even more invested than you are. He's spent hundreds of hours painstakingly hand-drawing floor plans for the make-believe residences of his most beloved fictional characters. They're painstaking researched and beautifully drawn, and potentially the perfect gift for that sitcom obsessive in your life (?).

The power of Peanuts – The New York Times
If, as a creative sort, you've occasionally questioned your impact on the world ('Am I just killing trees?') here's proof positive that even a humble cartoon strip can influence world leaders. When it was time for the 25th edition of The Complete Peanuts to be released, the publishers put out feelers to the highest office in their land for a person to write the Foreword. And what'ja know if turns out that the Commander in Chief was a huge fan. Obama called the cartoon strip about Snoopy and co. an 'American treasure' and something he never outgrew. Who knows, someday your work could inspire such gushing from the great and good as well.

The 'Ah that's cute' entry - the loyal penguin – 
And just because it was simply too adorable to pass up we bring you the tale of a penguin, the man who saved his life, and the 5000 mile trip made each year to the beaches of Brazil just to say thanks. Move over dogs, mankind might just have another option for a new best friend.



Stuart Glegg
09 Apr 2016 00:01
Canvas looks interesting.

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