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Social media-most of us only use it for spying on old school friends and exes, but plenty of companies are using it to their advantage, and getting great results. After all, what better way is there to stay in touch with your customers than giving them a platform they are familiar with, and inviting them to interact with you?

So, what can social media offer your company? When used to its full potential, websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr can work wonders for brand awareness, web presence and increasing customer confidence in you and your brand. It also provides a first point of contact between your customers and your company, which is invaluable.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices for companies wanting to connect with their customers. This gives you instant feedback on any promotions you run, and the chance to find out first-hand how people feel about your brand and your service. Promote new products or run competitions to help create a buzz around your company, and encourage page ‘likes’ and re-tweets.


You can find a plethora of photographers, designers and crafty types on social site Pinterest; as an image sharing site filled with collage boards, it is the ultimate inspiration-fest and showcase for anything you’ve created. Being online, you’ll get much wider exposure and millions will have access to your portfolio.


For writers, critics and companies with a lot to say, blogging can offer great opportunities. Share details on new products, publish press releases or use it to display your writing in an online portfolio to give people a flavour of your work. The three most popular blogging sites are considered to be Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr, and all are radically different.

Wordpress is considered to be more professional where blogs are concerned. Tailored towards bigger volumes of copy, such as articles and press releases, this website has an air of authenticity and professionalism which would suit a more corporate company or freelance critic or journalist.

Tumblr is a micro-blog, best compared to a larger version of twitter. It is well suited to short, multi-media posts and is incredibly simple to use. This is a great site for interlinking with your YouTube channel, sharing images from your Pinterest page and writing short product features.

For a simple, straight forward blog, Blogger is an ideal choice. This can be considered an intermediate choice between the more professional Wordpress and social Tumblr, and is easy to set up and post to.

Following other blogs is a really useful way to see what other companies are up to- sites like Bloglovin’ can help you collate all your favourite blogs in one place, with handy email alerts each time one of them posts new content. Making sure you post regularly will help you gain a large following will really boost your reputation!


LinkedIn is an important resource for recruitment companies, or companies wanting to connect with other professionals or prospective candidates. It is a useful tool to help establish yourself as a business who wants to help others grow, and networking with other companies is essential for partnerships and sharing ideas.

Create your own company page to advertise any vacancies you may have, and join related groups and discussions to help inspire interest in your company, and to get people talking. It is often forgotten, but can really help you connect with others like yourself, and gain professional status.

Top Tips for getting started:

• Establish a tone of voice and stick to it- this should reflect your brand and mirror the tone used in all your promotional emails, adverts and on your company website. Keeping things consistent stops customers from becoming confused about your overall message, and helps to strengthen your core audience by appealing directly to them in their own language.

• Do you want to use your personal account, or set up a corporate one? Sole traders and individuals may fare better being themselves online and welcoming customer interaction. This shows how pro-active and dedicated you are, and that you have nothing to hide. Larger companies might like to consider using a company account, and representing the brand in its entirety.

• Be consistent! Websites like and the queue function on Tumblr can help you post at certain times of the day, on certain days of the week so you can ensure that you post content regularly. If you leave your account inactive for any length of time, people will get bored with you. Just sayin’…

• Interlink- If you use several social networking sites for your business, try sharing links and content across all platforms. Followers on Facebook might not know you are also on twitter, you may get sent a photograph by a happy customer which you’d like to use on your Pinterest page. It all adds up and increase your profile online!

Much, much more than just a bit of fun, social media can really help you extend your reach professionally. With so many avenues to go down, getting worldwide exposure for your company doesn’t have to be expensive or impossible- so what are you waiting for? Sign up and get started!

Do you use social media for your company or have any ideas on how others can? Share a link to your page in the comments section below and tell us which site is your favourite and why!


08 Dec 2015 19:11
Great to be able to understand what each of these sites are about and what they offer

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