App of the Week: LogMeIn

Many of us may find that we have several devices that we tend to use a majority of the time, for both work and personal use. A common mishap with having more then one device is, we leave documents on one with out putting it a dropbox or saving it to our memory stick and then can’t access the document at a later date or on the go. However a great solution to this is LogMeIn.

LogMeIn is available as a free or pro account. The free account only allows you to control PC’s and Mac’s remotely from either your iPad or iPhone.

Features of the Pro account include:

  •  Control your PC or Mac as if you were in front of it
  •  Get to your computer files and edit them
  •  Fix computer problems remotely
  •  Remotely run any application on your computer
  •  HD video and sound streaming
  •  Access files on your cloud
  •  Transfer folders from your computer to your iPad or or iPhone
  •  Photo app management
  •  Remote printing to any AirPrint compatible printer.

This app is great as it gives you a 14 day trail so you can test the pro account, all you have to do is sign up for an account download the app and download the program on to your PC or/and Mac, its really simple.

Any downsides?

We think not, this app is so easy to use and extremely helpful when you want to retrieve a document from your computer when you’re out and about.  

The pro account is available here.

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Steve Rushton
27 Jul 2012 10:24
Logmein is brilliant, we've been using it for years. An not, on the iPad app, it adds a new dimension again!
27 Jul 2012 15:38
For this purpose I'd definitely recommend to use free remote desktop software Ammyy Admin

It's a zero-config app! No installation or registration required. Instantly connects any PCs. A way faster than logemin ( or anything else.
Hope youl'll like it!
Alex Griffin
30 Jul 2012 10:35
Thanks Steve and Eugene, I really like it as just makes browsing my popular sites a lot quicker. get more done in less time.

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