Leveraging Strategic Partnerships

In these times of continued austerity it’s essential that businesses are constantly seeking new ways of offering their customers more and one of the ways to do this is through strategic partnerships; but how best can smaller companies achieve this?

In my opinion, a strategic partnership is an effective and tactical move to consider in order to further enhance your business proposition and, therefore, your customer base. recently partnered with Avios and the British Airways Executive Club in an effort to demonstrate how much we value our customers and to enhance our current Reward Programme. Once live, our customers will be able to convert the points they have earned on their spend into highly desirable air miles. We decided to make this move because we want to be able to offer our customers the best. We join other big name brands as partners of this prestigious reward programme, including Tesco, Shell and American Express, which we see as a huge credit to as a growing business, as this adds even more brand integrity to the company.

The economy is uncertain right now, and I view the establishment of a great corporate partnership as a key element in overcoming this obstacle and achieving success. I believe that you need to create a package for your customers that is both extensive and value for money, and by selecting your partners carefully you can convey your appreciation for existing customers as well as simultaneously attracting new ones.

Source: "Leveraging Strategic Partnerships" (Entrepreneur Country)


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