Laser-cut paper design contest

We are a generous bunch at (and modest to, obviously) so we offered you the chance to win a free print-run of your very own laser-cut creation!

Plenty of designs we were received, all with eye-catching, innovative and unique styles. 

After much deliberation we have carefully selected a shortlist of entries, with one of these designs winning a free print-run!  

Help the judges with their final selection by commenting which one you think most deserves the prize. The winner will be announced in the next few weeks!

And remember, please stay tuned in the New Year for exciting laser-cutting announcements!

The top 10 are:

Alison H


Charles B

Dawn M

Ella R

Gill S

Greg D

Jess P

Laura G

Lizzie A

Samantha Q


Good luck and thank you to everyone who entered! 


*These are PDF examples of their designs. The actual artwork files to create laser-cut images differ a little from these, and both were submitted as entry to the contest. 






26 Oct 2016 18:05
So excited to make the final! The designs are all great but I particularly love Greg D and Jess P's entries :)
26 Oct 2016 18:26
Greg D "let it snow" is my favourite
Vicky Day
26 Oct 2016 18:43
Ohhh, they're all lovely but I'd got for Laura G, love those cats!
26 Oct 2016 20:59
Lots of great ideas but absolutely love the love you to the moon by Jess P - beautiful design with delicate strands, cool fonts and nice balance of paper v cuts - please can I have one?
26 Oct 2016 21:05
I love how fun but yet sentimental the "love you to the moon and back" design is. The picture really paints the words as it were. Definitely my favourite design
26 Oct 2016 21:55
I love the design by Jess P, just beautiful!
Joanne Bouchard
26 Oct 2016 22:00
I love Jess P's 'I love you to the moon and back'. Eye catching!
Sally G
26 Oct 2016 22:25
Love the design by Jess P.
It's fun and creative and will appeal to young and old alike.
26 Oct 2016 22:50
Lovely! I favourite is " I love you to the Moon and back" by Jess P. Good Luck everyone!
26 Oct 2016 23:54
These are great. I love Jess P's "Moon & Back", it's beautiful.
Heledd Gwilym
27 Oct 2016 05:23
Jess P's design is my favourite, really sweet and would work well in any room in the house. Beautiful!
Nichola Bram
27 Oct 2016 05:45
I love 'I love you to the moon & back' by Jess P. A commercial & stylish design. Great sentiment without being too sentimental.
Claire Gill
27 Oct 2016 07:00
Love the work Jess P, fantastic piece!
Sharon O'Connor
27 Oct 2016 07:45
Love Jess P's entry. The message is so apt and the design is beautiful
Lou smith
27 Oct 2016 07:46
I love Jess p's design! Fab
Jess p
27 Oct 2016 07:56
Joanne cocker
27 Oct 2016 08:14
Jess P-'love you to the moon and back' is stunning! Such a lovely design and gets my vote! 💕
Jason Gibson
27 Oct 2016 08:39
I think the design by Jess P is fabulous.
Michelle Grace
27 Oct 2016 09:43
I love the variety of typography on the 'I love you to the moon and back' Jess P design. This is definitely my favourite!
Mike P
27 Oct 2016 09:50
Really love the desugn by Gill S. And the colours. It will also work when cut out.
Yvonne Moss
27 Oct 2016 09:52
Love, love, love the design by Jess P. Beautiful design with a feel good message that would put a smile on everyone's face. Very commercial ...I want one!!
Emma D
27 Oct 2016 11:04
Jess P, gorgeous design.
Samantha Scott
27 Oct 2016 11:59
My favourite is definitely I love you to the moon and back a favourite saying in our house is love the design of it and all the details everytime you look you spot something you didn't see the last time!
Anisa K
27 Oct 2016 12:10
I really like the design by Gill S. The use of the two colours works really well and looks great!
27 Oct 2016 14:36
So happy to have been shortlisted, thank you!
I can't wait for this new service to be added and for some more details to be released.
Paul Chopin
27 Oct 2016 14:55
Love the Jess P design the best. Great contrast of 'colour', black night sky against the white lovely comment by her son. Gets my vote.
Jess Payne
27 Oct 2016 15:16
Really thrilled to be selected as a finalist and what fabulous comments - thank you! Good luck to everyone, Jess :)
Yasmin Chopin
27 Oct 2016 15:52
Love the story behind the design by JessP. It's very touching and so many people can relate to it. Exciting and stylish work.
27 Oct 2016 16:25
I like Gill S's the best. it would actually work as a cut out! Plus I love the colours, very contemporary
Saritha Bowen
27 Oct 2016 16:25
Love the Gill S design. It's simple but very effective. Where can i buy this card from?
Nathan F
27 Oct 2016 17:08
Liking the design Gill S.

Let me know where I can buy it... Will make the Christmas card chore a pleasure.
Justine C
27 Oct 2016 17:49
Love love love the Jess P design -
Beautiful design with a superb sentiment :)
27 Oct 2016 18:04
I love Jess P's the most
27 Oct 2016 19:01
Love the design by Jess P. Stunning and a saying that is used every night in our house too!
Vikki brooks
27 Oct 2016 19:09
How cute is Jess Ps design?! I want it! Beautiful.
27 Oct 2016 20:17
They're all beautiful but my favourite has to be Jess P's
Beth Evans
27 Oct 2016 21:01
Love love love " I love you to the moon and back" by Jess P. I want it :0)
Georgina Bond
27 Oct 2016 21:19
Love Jess P's design. Would love one for my girls' room!
27 Oct 2016 21:30
My favourite has to be Jess P.
Jen Haken
27 Oct 2016 21:58
Love Jess P's design! They're all gorgeous, but that has the edge to me.
27 Oct 2016 23:19
Jess P is the stand-out design. Proof that life stimulates art
27 Oct 2016 23:24
I really like the design by Jess P. It is stylish and creative with a classy impact. Definitely a winner in my eyes.
Ally P
28 Oct 2016 00:01
I think Gill S looks the best of the 10, I'm a huge fan of that style and i think once actually cut out would be the most aesthetically pleasing.
Alex T
28 Oct 2016 00:05
Gill S is my choice, something about it really jumps out from the bunch
28 Oct 2016 00:15
Great designs. I love Jess P's to the moon and back!
28 Oct 2016 06:41
Love jess p design. Said yhat so many times to my boys!! Very homely.
29 Oct 2016 15:27
Jess P's design is awesome!
30 Oct 2016 12:55
Love the Gill S entry! The two colours work so well together.
31 Oct 2016 09:18
Great design by Gill S! Will definitely be buying this.
31 Oct 2016 14:57
Greg D "let it snow" so pretty!
31 Oct 2016 14:58
I like the pink one "let it snow, let it snow, let is snow" makes me feel all christmasy. Greg D's design is my favourite
31 Oct 2016 14:59
Totally love Greg D's Design.
Sam J
31 Oct 2016 21:28
I like Greg D's design best. And not because it's pink.
Carol K
31 Oct 2016 21:35
Great designs, I like Jess P and Greg D best.
Sally F
02 Nov 2016 10:39
Greg D has my vote. When will the winner be announced and when can we buy it?
04 Nov 2016 09:54
I love that peacock
05 Nov 2016 22:03
I love the Singer sawing machine by Samantha Q!
John Quinn
05 Nov 2016 22:29
Its close ... I like black and white... but I prefer Sammie Q to Jess P.
Maura Solomon
05 Nov 2016 23:22
Samantha Q should win! The sewing machine in fabulous!
Samantha Quinn
05 Nov 2016 23:24
Just found out I am a finalist. Thanks for shortlisting me :-)
05 Nov 2016 23:46
Samantha Quinn all the way! That gal has talent!
Rachel Doniger
06 Nov 2016 00:38
Samantha Q's singer sewing machine is pretty great!
Ankon Mitra
06 Nov 2016 04:02
Samantha Q has the most intricate and awe inspiring sewing machine!
06 Nov 2016 04:46
The amazing detail in Samantha Q I want this paper cut its fantastic
Claire booth
06 Nov 2016 06:23
The singer sewing machine is wonderful. That is my favourite
Hannah M
06 Nov 2016 06:34
I love the Singer sowing machine by Samantha, so detailed and realistic!
06 Nov 2016 09:45
I totally love the sewing machine from Samantha Q!
06 Nov 2016 19:02
Samantha Q is by far the most intricate and best in the list. Good luck I hope you win!
06 Nov 2016 20:07
My vote goes to Samantha Q with her intricate papercut of the singer sewing machine. Very clever!
07 Nov 2016 18:43
Love Lizzie A's one! Lovely colours, and very detailed :)
07 Nov 2016 19:31
I just love the Peacock by Lizzie A -so beautiful this is definately my winner
07 Nov 2016 19:38
I like Lizzie A's Peacock design, so pretty!
Chris Day
07 Nov 2016 20:12
I really think Lizzie A's Peacock would work best as a print - but they're all great.
David Brookes-Lennon
07 Nov 2016 22:01
Oh I love these :-) I couldn't choose which 1 I love the most
Mike T
08 Nov 2016 00:00
I'd punt for Greg D
Alison H
08 Nov 2016 12:58
Thanks for including me in the shortlist. I should have chosen different colours though as this shows the magenta for the cut out area. Good luck to everyone x
08 Nov 2016 16:02
Love the symmetry of Alison H's design.
08 Nov 2016 22:29
My vote would go to Alison H for her brilliant design.
08 Nov 2016 23:54
I love the first one by Allison
09 Nov 2016 15:48
Really love the Singer sewing machine, the detail is amazing, so realistic and so my vote and so my vote goes to Samantha Q.
09 Nov 2016 15:52
I really love the Singer sewing machine, the detail is amazing and therefore my vote goes to Samantha Q.
Keziah Herbert
11 Nov 2016 11:17
The Singer Machine is amazing!
Love the entries! Good luck everyone
carol gibbens
14 Nov 2016 13:55
Greg D's design fills me with joy!
18 Feb 2017 09:59
love these - Singer sewing machine is amazing!
19 May 2017 21:05
So many lovely designs! They are so pretty!

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