La Boca creative studio on Penguin Sci-Fi book cover designs

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another podcast from Arrest All Mimics.

This week Ben Tallon interviews La Boca, a London based image-marking studio who work with a wide range of clients including Penguin Books, Adele, Island Records and Vintage Books. They recently created a set of stunning cover designs for a series of reissued science fiction classic books, a bucket list project for Scot and Richard, who are both long-term fans of the genre.

Ben and La Boca discuss what it was like to land such a brief for a client like Penguin, how the work came about and the methods they used to build La Boca into one of the coolest creative agencies in the game.

La Boca provide a fantastic showcase of why it’s important to lead from the front with the work you would like to do and why it often leads to the clients you would most like to work for. They also cover a few unconventional methods of creating illustration and touch upon why cats in multi-coloured triangles are not cool.




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Keziah Herbert
15 Nov 2016 16:57
Wow that is proper old style scifi artwork
15 Nov 2016 19:35
Awesome designs!
16 Nov 2016 13:36
fantastic retro feeling for these sci fi reissued classics - graphic design that really hits the nail on the head
16 Nov 2016 19:34

These are really different. Haven't seen anything like this before.
24 Nov 2016 09:53
superb design
19 May 2017 20:32
Such cool designs!

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