January’s brilliant bits: our favourite blogs, sites and creative stuff

Welcome again to this month's instalment of Brilliant Bits—a round-up of some of our team's favourite creative and inspirational snippets from the world wide web. January with strewn with scientific breakthroughs, ingenious social schemes and some photo wizardry. Let's get to it, shall we?

3D Printing Lets Blind People "See" Paintings – IFLSCIENCE!
A clever blend of 3D printing and computer software means that blind people are now able to enjoy paintings and photography. Without delving too deeply into the complexities of it, the 2D mages are scanned and converted into digital data which is then given depth manually by specialists. Wowsa.

Memory Technology From The Matrix Is Closer Than You Might Think – Social Media Week
Forgetful? Want to learn French? This is starting to look like your lucky day! Scientists in California are trialling a memory prosthesis to help recall long-term memories and also potentially upload new skills to the brain.

Arts hotel aims to provide affordable creative space – The Guardian
It’s all about creative avenues and reclaiming spaces in North London, thanks to Nick Hartwright and his new “arts hotel”. The Green Rooms, are a way to offer low-cost accommodation, studios and performance space to people in the local community while encouraging creative industries to collaborate.

The Wire – A Motion Graphics Tribute to the HBO Series, by Elliot Lim – ilikethesepixels
If you’re a fan of HBO’s The Wire, this next monthly pick is right up your street. US-based freelance creator, Elliot Lim, has paid tribute to the TV series with this own version of the show’s opening sequence.

Experience 360-degree photos in virtual reality with Flickr's new app – Mashable
Imagine if you could experience a photo as if you’re actually there inside it? Mashable is reporting that Flickr’s newest app, Flickr VR can help you do just that. Although you can view selected photos on the site, you’ll need a headset if you’re going to get the full experience, but from what we’ve read, it’d totally be worth it.

Lumiere London – Visit London
Did you manage to catch the Lumiere festival this month in good old London town? The free light festival ran from 14th-17th of January and featured 30 of London’s most iconic landmarks dressed as you’ve never seen them before.


01 Feb 2016 11:59
I would love that Matrix memory ability!
13 Feb 2016 09:29
3D printing of artwork - amazing!
18 Feb 2016 15:43
The applications of 3d printing are crazy

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