It’s a date – getting you in the know about 2016

Ready or not, another brand-new year is fast-approaching us on the highway of life, and bringing with it a whole host of exciting events and fantastic happenings. Exactly the sort of things you’ll want to make sure are firmly fixed in those year planners well in advance.

So what exactly does the big 16 hold in store for us all? We’ve put together a few fun facts and dates for your diary (or those photo calendars or personalized planners), to get you excited about this particular 12-month slice of our collective near-future.

 2016 calendar


Get a jump on

2016 is (as you might have guessed from the ‘divisible-by-four’ ness of it) yet another leap year. So you have a whole extra 24 hours of this year to enjoy. Those mildly age-confused individuals born on the 29th of February get to celebrate their actual birthday – in epic style we hope. And tradition dictates – not that any excuse is needed these days – that girls can get down on one knee to their guys and pop the question.

The only slight down-side – that extra day is a Monday folks.

Monkey magic

February also brings the start of the Chinese Year of The Monkey when the Chinese New Year rolls around on the 8th. Monkey birth years are 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004, and ‘monkey people’ are considered witty, intelligent and are viewed as having a magnetic personality.

Sporty 16

Rugby World Cup? Pah! 2016 is set to blow 2015 out of the water in sporting terms. With the long-anticipated Rio Olympics and Paralympics finally taking over the Brazilian party-capital. Get ready for record-breaking athletic achievements and for the world to fall into the grips of Carnival fever during August and September (Olympics: 5th - 21st Aug / Paralympics: 7th - 18th Sep).

Want some sporting action a little closer to home? Just a Eurotunnel-ride away, the fifteenth UEFA European Championship will be taking over stadiums across France during the summer. Euro 2016 kicks-off on Friday 10th June and the next four and a bit weeks will be filled with displays of footballing magic, fouls, dodgy decisions and an entire nation praying to their various sporting-gods that it doesn’t come down to penalties this time… (Euro 2016: 10th June – 10th July).

Holiday heaven

Okay, so that extra Monday in February may put the dampeners on the second and shortest month of the year, but it does ensure that the holiday stars align beautifully come the winter-time. Not only will Bonfire Night fall on a Saturday in 2016, but so too will Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, meaning you can get the party started just that little bit earlier than normal.

Other important dates to circle in red on your calendar include Good Friday on 25th March and Easter Monday on 28th March. 

Want to create your own 2016 calendar? See our handy 'How To' guide hereHow to design a calendar in Adobe Illustrator

Already have the know-how? Then head to our calendars page and get started!


Su Mwamba
09 Oct 2015 07:45
Despite best efforts to plan ahead, I'm always on the last minute with seasonal printing. Can you remind us to prepare for Christmas in January, please...?
09 Oct 2015 07:51
Thanks for the Adobe Illustrator calendar guide ~ really useful :)
Sam Miller
09 Oct 2015 15:44
Thank you Victoria, for the heads up on those handy dates for 2016! So, the year of The Monkey swings by again... I too was born in the year of The Monkey – that must explain my clever side, oh and my sense of fun ; )
13 Oct 2015 07:40
Didn't think about calendars from the ring bound, really nice.
04 Nov 2015 23:11
Need to get better organised... Might start designing our 2017 calendar soon so we can actually get them printed next year!

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