Investing in the right office environment

My best business decision would be the commitment I made to myself and my team that we would always have a great space to work in. 

I have been in business for approximately 20 years now and a lot has changed in that time. I remember my first job where smoking was still allowed, and almost encouraged, in the office – even at your own desk! 

Offices were often bland and the idea that you would invest significant time or money on the interior was never contemplated. Times have clearly changed, in particular within the digital sector, and companies such as Apple, Google and eBay offer inspiring and creative workspaces. Offices today are a very different place.

I started a few years ago and as a start-up, you certainly don’t have any fixed budgets. I would say that one of the best decisions I made was investing time, effort and budget into thinking about the office environment. I have a vested interest in how I can create an environment in which people want to work in and can be used to attract the best talent.


Source: "Investing in the right office environment" (GrowthBusiness)


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