How to retouch your photos the easy way

Any photographer, whether amateur or professional, can now benefit from professional-standard portrait editing software that is easy to use and affordable to purchase.

The beauty of Portrait Pro is that it is so easy to enhance your portrait photos. In seconds, not even minutes, you can enhance skin, features and hair. There are some great new tools in Portrait Pro which will help speed up your workflow.

In Portrait Pro you can view the original image alongside the retouched image, and you can see in real time how the changes you are making are affecting the final image. If there’s something you don’t like, you can go back to where it was.

You can make sure that all the people in your photos look their very best before sending your images to print. You can open your image in Photoshop, switch into the Portrait Pro Studio plugin and carry out all your portrait retouching, and then switch back into Photoshop to finish your image.

Portrait Pro Studio and Studio Max editions can batch process your images from a whole photo shoot or a full wedding day. You can create a Preset, which will apply the same changes every time, so when you use the full batch mode in Portrait Pro Studio Max, you can choose to apply that Preset to all the faces in your batch. Once you’ve batch processed all your images, you will be able to send them off to the client for proofing and they can let you know of which images they require prints.

With, you can easily order your photographic prints and fine art prints, you can even order canvas prints and framed prints so you can offer your customer a wide range of options for large size images.

Whether you are a fashion photographer with many years of experience in dark room retouching, and have only recently moved into digital retouching, or if you are a brand new, digital only artist, you will find that Portrait Pro has the tools you need to make your portrait retouching the easiest that it can be.

If you are a wedding photographer, you can offer your customers a wide range of products with your wedding package. If you take the pictures for their engagement shoot, you can make sure you only send them images in which they look their best. With skin retouching, hair controls, and relighting controls, it doesn’t matter if the light wasn’t quite as good as you’d hoped, or the client is having a bad hair day, you can make sure they look their best in every shot.

The images you give your clients from their engagement shoot are probably the ones that they will want to use for all their wedding stationery, right up until the big day, so make sure they look great in every image and save time with your portrait editing in Portrait Pro.

If you want to offer your clients images with really great creative effects, then why not check out Smart Photo Editor, the community powered photography software also made by Anthropics Technology? It is also now available as a Photoshop plugin, so you can switch from one plugin to another. You can offer them something really creative and unusual, as well as really good portrait retouching on their portrait photos.

If you are a bride planning your wedding on a budget, you can do your own portrait retouching on the images you already have and order your own wedding stationery. When you send save the date cards and wedding invitations to your guests, you want to know that the images you use are the best that they can be. You’ve put so much time and effort into designing something that’s really personal to you, and you want to know that your portrait photos will look really good too.

If you look too shiny or too tanned in your images, you can adjust this with the help of Portrait Pro. You don’t have to have great Photoshop skills to use Portrait Pro, but if you do like to use Photoshop, it fits seamlessly into your workflow, allowing you to individually process your images with a high standard of portrait retouching.

For both professionals and amateurs alike, Portrait Pro makes portrait editing easy, and affordable, and makes the printing easy too.

Download a free trial of Portrait Pro, or Smart Photo Editor today, and see how much time and effort you can save.

Use your discount code: PRINT814 to get a great 10% discount off any purchase on Portrait Pro or Smart Photo Editor today. 



David Brookes
11 Aug 2014 23:16
Great tips
12 Aug 2014 03:00
Definitely going to try this - thanks for the tip!
Alex Wilkie
12 Aug 2014 11:39
I will have to give these programmes a look, thanks
Stuart Glegg
09 Apr 2015 07:58
I'm a lightroom man but interesting all the same

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