How to make your photography marketing look amazing

The professional photography market is filling up fast, so how can you make sure your photography marketing stands out from the crowd? How do you get that super-professional vibe and keep your branding strong? Here are three easy ways to achieve truly amazing marketing for your photography, without spending a fortune.

1.    Present it with pride!
Presentation is key! Collect together mini portfolios, price lists and marketing materials into a branded presentation folder and you’ve got yourself a professional pack to hand out to clients.

Partaking in a spot of presentation folder printing means you have the opportunity to add a business card slot into the inside pocket so that once they’ve taken away your literature and been adequately persuaded, your clients can get back in touch with you easily.


2.    Free samples? Heck yes!
When it comes to securing new business, there’s nothing more persuasive than printed samples that customers can touch and experience up close. Statistically, they’ll be more likely to buy if they can imagine owning the product, so a lookbook stuffed to the spine with samples is the perfect solution.

Wiro bound brochure printing is our top pick for this marketing miracle worker because the flexible binding lets your lookbook lie flat and open easily, giving you lots of room for inserts.

3.    Make sure you’ve got it covered
If giving out digital portfolios is one of your favourite ways to get the word out about your services, then why not invest in some CD and DVD covers? You can wrap your CD and DVD cases in high quality printed, branded covers that really give a professional touch. This is especially useful for wedding photography printing when handing off a digital copy of the files that have been purchased.

Got a few marketing tips of your own to dish out? Leave a comment in the box below and share it with everyone! If you’re feeling inspired, head to the Photography Collection and create your own amazing marketing.


12 Jun 2015 17:54
Amazing photography collections.This cover looks awesome.
Alex Wilkie
29 Sep 2015 10:53
very cool results
14 Oct 2015 15:01
love the folder imagery, very clever :)
03 Nov 2016 15:10
great tips
photo background changer
15 Feb 2017 10:52
good tips & tricks....thanks for sharing......
Graphics designer
22 Mar 2017 12:10
This is so useful tips thank you for sharing
Photo cutout
23 Mar 2017 17:10
This is brilliant way to make photography marketing look amazing, do you have youtube channel please? I would love to watch your video tutorial
29 Mar 2017 14:15
awesome tips and advice, thanks
04 Jul 2017 16:20
Thank you for sharing very helpfull,
Ashim devnath
08 Jul 2017 05:58
Wonderful collection. Its very helpful information for photography marketing. Thanks for sharing with us.
Clipping Path Service
13 Feb 2018 10:11
Good technique you have written here . I read this post carefully . Thank you for shared .
Flourish and Luxe
22 Feb 2018 11:21
Businesses always underestimate how powerful photography can be. Some great advice here!

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