How to increase your site traffic: seven tips

Even the best brands can notice a lag in visits to their site from time to time. The trick is to know how to keep new customers coming through the ‘door’, and encourage the existing customers to come back to you again and again. Reminding customers that you’re still around and telling them what’s new with newsletters, mailshots and well placed social media posts will work wonders to keep those numbers up.

Search engine marketing

Unbelievably effective, using SEO and PPC makes sure that whoever is looking for your products or services can find you first.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of gearing your on-site and off-site content towards attracting new customers by ranking highly on search engines. You can do this by adding keywords and dynamic content to your on-site copy, and adding links and structure to off-site adverts. Free online apps like Google Adwords and Google Analytics, will help you tailor your advertising and track all your site traffic to make sure your content and advertising material are top-notch.

Marco Criscuolo, Search and Insight Manager for says: “When Google crawls your site, it's going to want to know what you do – and who you are. Creating good meta tags and posting keyword-rich content to your site is a must. Don't forget to name and describe all of your images with keywords.”

Pay-per- click advertising, also known as PPC, is the “Sponsored Search” on the side or top of the Search Engine Results Page. PPC gives you the chance to directly and immediately affect where your site appears and take advantage of keyword-specific traffic. When implemented correctly, a Pay per Click campaign can be incredibly successful and offers a great return on investment.

Both of these marketing techniques will be essential for making sure that customers can always find you online, and that all your content and advertising adequately reflects what they’re looking for. Take a look at our Google guest blogger, Katrina Choy’s Top five tips for more ideas on using Google to boost your site visits.


Social Media

Websites like Facebook or Twitter are not only instrumental in staying in touch directly with your customer base, but can offer you a platform for advertising and promoting any competitions, new site features, new products or current promotions. Including links and images in your posts will help remind customers what you’ve got to offer.

Using social media sites to run competitions will keep your customers engaging with you and your brand, and is also a really fun way to reward interaction. After all, who doesn’t love freebies? It’s worth remembering that a majority of people spend a large portion of their day browsing social media sites; it could be your brand they’re looking at!

Promoted posts on Facebook are another great way to make sure your content stays visible; they will appear higher up the News Feed and gain a wider reach for your content. Facebook makes it easy to promote posts and will even allow you to select the audience which the post reaches, the budget you have and how long you want your post to feature. If you have a lot of fans or friends on Facebook, this is definitely something worth looking into!


Blogs – guest blog on other sites

Part of establishing yourself as a top brand or company is being the best you can be, and being an expert in your field. Participating in guest blog spots for other companies will allow you to showcase your knowledge and even some of your own products or services. Why not reach out to other companies who are in a similar field to yourself and see if you can help each other out?

Guest blogs by repeat customers are also a brilliant way to show others how they can use your products or services to benefit themselves. Check out some of the guest blogs we feature on our own site to see how our customers and associates interact with us. Spreading your reach by appearing on other sites and returning the favour are excellent for gaining more coverage. If you have expertise in anything you think our readers would be interested in, why not drop us a line and you could be the next blogger to feature in our guest section.

Another way to serialise your company exploits are vlogs, or video blogs. You can keep your customers up to date on news, while presenting a personal, friendly face for your company. Talking directly to your customers is an intimate way to forge a relationship which will keep them coming back, and gives you some more great content to embed into your site.


Promotional materials

It sounds obvious, but is so true- great advertising will serve to remind customers who you are and what you can do for them. Including business cards or promotional postcards in mail order packages or shopping bags is a nice little reminder of all your company details and may make the difference between a one-time customer and a repeat customer.


Distribute press releases

Issuing press releases for new products or promotions is a great way to spread the word on what’s going on inside the organisation, and allows other websites or blog outlets to take sections of the copy to use for related stories. Including a quote from a related company insider is also a good idea, as many feature writers will require one for authentication or embellishment of the story.

If you’d like a bit more guidance creating a press release, you can use an online platform like PRWeb, which will help you create and distribute your press releases, as well as giving tips on how to write them.



Regular newsletters and emails help remind customers that you’re still there, and that you can still fulfil a need. Each new product or promotion would really benefit from a mailshot, and every few months, a newsletter will help sum up everything that the company has been working towards. If this all sounds a bit daunting, why not try a site like MailChimp, who can help you create a professional-looking newsletter easily.

If you’d rather send out some smart, printed information; such as a postcard, you can try our Mailshot Manager. This will allow you to choose your target market, and submit your print job, and then we’ll print and sent it off for you, nice and easy!


Comment in forums and on other sites

Become a sponsor on a related forum so that you can be contacted about your products in a location that your main customer base congregates. Many forums allow sponsorship for a small fee or even something as simple as a competition prize every month, and in return you will have a platform to advertise your promotions and products and interact with your customers.

Tried and tested these pointers yourself? Leave your tips and recommendations for other businesses in our comments box below:


David Brookes
13 Jun 2013 22:49
Thanks for the tips. I find twitter & Facebook to be powerful tools to increase traffic to your website.
louise givans
24 Jun 2013 13:15
really good tips.. thanks
Richard Lewis
01 Jul 2013 22:05
Thanks for the tips, as a charity facebook is key to increasing awareness about our work restoring the Buckingham Canal. Every piece of help we get is greatly appreciated, so thanks for these tips!
lucy basten
07 Oct 2013 11:52
Great blog post. Excellent tips :)
Alex Wilkie
06 Nov 2013 13:31
Terrific tips thank you
17 Dec 2015 10:41
Great advice, thanks :)

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