How to get your business started on Pinterest

Are you pinning yet? Pinterest is an image sharing social network with 70 million users worldwide. You might be using it personally but are you pinning for your business? If you answered no, you should consider joining this network as it’s an effective tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Pinterest can help drive more traffic to your website and increase your visibility with influencers and customers increasing your brand recognition. Can the 500,000 other Pinterest business users really be wrong?

Show what inspires you

Show the world what inspires you and your business— don’t just show off your products; show what inspires them. You can easily collect images and create a range of boards that represent the ideas, moods and people behind your business.  Quote boards, mood boards and even boards about the type of cakes you want to eat in your office can work wonders and help build brand personality. Be inspiring an interesting and followers will flock to you.

Title your boards with keywords

Titling your boards with keywords will make them more discoverable via the Pinterest search option. Lots of businesses make the mistake of only using their branded name to title their board. This means they miss out on the people searching Pinterest with broader, non-branded terms. For example, a gift company selling party supplies may want to set up boards for specific events like ‘Baby Showers’ and ‘Hen Parties’ that are searched for more than ‘Party Supplies’.  By doing this you are increasing the chances of your Pinterest business account being found through a search.

Zone in on your followers’ interests

Look at the boards of people who are regularly viewing and engaging with your pins. You can discover other interests within your customer base and expand your portfolio of boards according to what will interest your newly-engaged followers. When your followers re-pin your images, it helps you to find other like-minded users and potential customers. 

Add the ‘Pin It’ button to your website

Make it super easy for people to pin content from your website directly to their boards by adding the ‘pin it’ button to your website or blog images.

Build relationships with influencers in your industry

Every industry has opinion makers, trend setters and influencers. Following and engaging with the influencers who are relevant to your industry can benefit your business. These influencers will already have the attention of your target audience. A great place to start building a relationship with these people is just by re-pinning and commenting on their boards. For instance, if you are a fashion boutique you might want to follow fashion bloggers and celebrity personalities. You will increase your views with your target audience and hopefully pick up some like-minded followers along the way.

Create a few boards to start with. It’s best to start small with a few great images that really draw people in. Just spend ten minutes everyday building up your boards. Keep it consistent and keep adding content; it’s fun not a chore! 


Alex Wilkie
14 Jan 2014 11:51
thanks for this never heard of it before
Alex Bown
14 Jan 2014 15:23
Love this blog post! Pinterest is a great platform for not only showcasing your work but also showing aspects of the design process, inspiration etc. This is a great way engaging potential clients as they get to see the whole process not just an outcome. It is also a very simple yet effective way of keeping on top of current trends and sharing ideas. I have also seen some very successful examples of pinterest used in schools as an alternative method for (older) art & design students to document research / processes - sort of like an online journal. Will definitely be having a look over my images and adding in some keywords to make searches more effective.
Cherry Sealed
14 Jan 2014 15:28
WARNING!! You will lose hours looking at Pinterest, totally addictive!!
14 Jan 2014 16:12
You are right Cherry it is addictive but fun. I really enjoy building up the boards for
Chris White
15 Jan 2014 16:34
We've started using this a little for our wedding stationery business.
15 Jan 2014 17:18
Let us know the name of your Pinterest account Chris and we can repin some of your Wedding Stationery design and help you build your profile up.
Chris Long
17 Jan 2014 14:26
We've also started using it for our wedding stationery- all printed through you guys. Great way to built a bit of a brand image. Be great if you do a bit of pinning for us too!
Pinterst- clamldn
Stuart Glegg
22 Jan 2014 15:00
I think there's some businesses that suit pinterest more than others, like wise with facebook and twitter. Businesses should adopt a social srategy that suits their business rather than just adding every social icon out there to their website.
Adam Smith
11 Feb 2014 14:39
We use Pinterest so much in our business
Charlotte Barrett
17 Jun 2014 16:41
Love pinterest is great for connecting with people getting ideas for future projects and giving ideas to future brides!
01 Feb 2016 09:41
I've heard of it but never got into it, thanks for the info :)
30 Nov 2016 10:53
I use Pinterest so much, it's brilliant
09 Feb 2017 08:54
i'm fast becoming a Pinterest addict!

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