How to get free delivery all November

The word is out: you can nab yourself free delivery all November long when you buy the top 6 products in larger quantities. But what counts as a ‘larger quantity’? How do you know you’re ordering the right amount? How can you get that coveted free delivery? Read on and discover more about the lithographic printing that started this helpful, money-saving promotion and how you can make sure you get that freebie.

Litho printing: what is it and why should you care?
Lithographic printing (or ‘litho’ to its mates) is a printing technique used for larger print jobs and long run print jobs. Where digital printing is more cost effective for one or two prints, litho is better for large order print.
The mystic art of litho printing involves burning aluminium plates and ‘offsetting’ the printed image or text onto a rubber sheet. Then it’s just a case of water and ink repelling and attracting to create a printed image.

So, why should you care? Free delivery, of course! As well as offering the digital print that you know us so well for, the team here at also offer litho printing, so those larger print jobs can be as affordable as the small ones. To help you out during this busy period, the free delivery we’re giving you is for these bigger jobs. All the more reason to love litho!

What can you use it for?
When you shop at, you can get these large, ‘litho’ quantities on leaflets and flyers, postcards, stationery, saddle stitched brochures, perfect bound brochures and folded leaflets. Basically all the print products you need to kit out the business stationery cupboard, send a marketing direct mail or run hard-hitting promotions and events. Your balance sheet is certainly going to thank you this season.

folded leaflets

How do you know if your quantity counts as ‘litho’?
This isn’t as tricky as it sounds. If you order the following products in the following quantities, your order is a litho one and your delivery will be free this month.

Leaflets and flyers: 5,000
Postcards: 5,000
Stationery: 2,000
Saddle stitched brochures: 500
Perfect bound brochures: 500
Folded leaflets: 2,000

Now that you’re in the know, how about that November free delivery? Plonk yourself onto the leaflets and flyers, postcards, stationery, saddle stitched brochures, perfect bound brochures or folded leaflets page and order today to enjoy the odd saving or two.


18 Nov 2015 10:04
Go big or go home
Anne-Charlotte S
19 Nov 2015 16:18
Alex Wilkie
02 Feb 2016 12:03
pity i missed this
Hannah Allwright
12 Apr 2016 20:53
Any chance this might happen all May?!

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