How to freshen up your colour palette for spring

Spring is finally here, hurrah! Here at we are embracing the spring and warm weather in abundance. In keeping with the bright mood around the office we also want to freshen up our colour palette, and here’s how we are doing it!

colour strip

First stop is Colour Lovers. You can flip through colour palettes others have created or create your own. You’ll be able to see how that colour scheme would look in a pattern or see how others have used it. To make it even easier, you can download the file in various formats to get yourself started. Colours, palettes or patterns, they have it all. Definitely a way to brighten your day!

Vote in the Pantone colour survey for spring 2014 and see how your voice compares to the other voters! Pantone’s colours for spring are detailed here, which is quite interesting as they don’t seem to have anything particularly new and fresh.

Last year I suggested red, chocolate and browns as the main colours for winter with a hint of orange and cobalt blue. Surprisingly, this year Pantone are suggesting a pretty similar palette with the added edition of their new colour for 2014 Radiant Orchid. They describe it wonderfully; pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium”.

Mark Harvey from Mark One Design left a comment with us back in October about how the colours we talk about in our articles refer back to Pantone references. To get the best out of our presses, which are all digital, we always speak in CMYK. So Mark we have included the CMYK references for all, thanks for the feedback! Next time I will be sure to add in a section about how colours on uncoated compare to coated. Watch this space!

For me, the colours for spring are muted brights; bring in the greens, blues, yellows and oranges, but in a soft fashion. Since we are loving uncoated papers at the moment, these colours suit it perfectly and print beautifully.

Some of the best spring colours we have tested here are:spring colours

Muted grass green: 54, 4 65, 0

Chalky green: 38, 11, 25, 0

Mint: 24, 0, 20, 0

Blue grey: 62, 18, 35, 2 (my fave!)

Warm pale pink: 0, 49, 28, 0

Coral pastel: 0, 47, 48, 0

Muted yellow: 4, 11, 63, 0

Bright but not in your face. Our favourites so far!

Still interested & have colours you wish to test out but not sure how they will look? I will print off an A3 sheet on our presses of as many colour squares you can fit on one sheet to test out, free of charge, to the first five names to say "I want this!" below (don’t forget to include your email address). Call it your own colour swatch guide!

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David Brookes
20 Mar 2014 08:54
Oh I would like this #DavidBrookes
Alex Wilkie
20 Mar 2014 10:01
i do like these palettes
20 Mar 2014 11:36
Oooh I would like this too please #ClaireCresswell
C Hiazos
20 Mar 2014 14:31
I must admit, im still getting used to the technical aspect of colours...

But I have a feeling that its a good post, need to read up on colours
20 Mar 2014 16:24
I want this!
Jamie Scanlon
20 Mar 2014 19:38
I want this!
21 Mar 2014 08:00
I would love this!! I get asked so often for different colours in wedding stationery that I haven't already printed with you guys :)
Helen Scott
21 Mar 2014 11:59
I want this!
I love Duck Egg blue!
21 Mar 2014 12:56
Yay! I want this!
Julie Carney
21 Mar 2014 15:36
Thanks guys, that's the first five. You should all have your email from me. Thanks for the interest! Hope it helps with your designs!
21 Mar 2014 19:30
Colour lovers is a fantastic resource.
Karla Hall
28 Mar 2014 14:06
Love the pantone purple.
26 Jan 2017 16:14
great Spring colour pallette

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