How to Establish Impactful Leadership

Building up a business can be tough, and establishing a great leadership philosophy and engaging with your team effectively is crucial to its future success.

Nicholas Green

As a starting point, every business should have a philosophy that inspires people to believe in it and a leader who takes responsibility for spreading this philosophy, instilling trust across the company. In a world where things go wrong, and trust me they do, what stops people jumping ship is if they believe that the course they are on is a great one and that they can truly make a difference. This may be to society or to themselves; people ultimately need something to believe in. I strongly believe that a clear vision and philosophy must be communicated to all members of your team from the very outset. A business’s philosophy will naturally evolve over time but the key is to keep people informed; if they feel up to speed with where the business is headed then they should know what they are coming to work for and the goal they are working towards. If you embrace this forward-thinking philosophy, the chance of your business being successful will increase significantly.

Once you have established your company’s vision, this will lend itself positively to engaging with staff more effectively. Personally, I think it is all about remembering that a great business almost always involves more than one person, so you should aim to assemble a great team of people who will thrive within your business and feel fulfilled by their role. You can further drive employee engagement by ensuring staff feel like they are making a difference – no matter what their role is.

Ultimately, I’m passionate about the fact that the more connected people feel, the more positive they will feel about their work and, in turn, the more likely your business is to succeed.

Source: “How to Establish Impactful Leadership” (Entrepreneur Country)


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