How to design greeting cards in Adobe Illustrator - a tutorial

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it's time to get those greeting card orders in, sharpish! To help smooth the process, we made this handy tutorial. In 12 minutes, you'll be a whizz at setting up greeting card artwork in Illustrator, plus you'll know which paper types will really make your designs sing. Grab a mince pie, sit back and enjoy.


David Brookes-Lennon
28 Sep 2015 22:55
Nice tips
Olivia Cowley
30 Sep 2015 15:51
Good advice :) Just placed an order for my cards, hoping they are looking lovely !
06 Oct 2015 14:38
great advice, thanks!
Stuart Glegg
13 Oct 2015 07:45
I always use InDesign for print, throws me when people use illustrator
28 Jan 2017 14:01
getting my head round illustrator at the moment, these video tutorials are a great learning aid

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