How to create the perfect wedding thank you card

Guest blogger and wedding photographer Kate Barry owner of Mary Kate Photography, gives us an insight into the competitive world of weddings photography and one of the ways has helped her stand out. Now it's over to Kate... 

I love being a wedding photographer! I have had a camera in my hand for as long I can remember and it feels so natural to me to be capturing all the elements of one of the most important days in a couple’s life. So after I finished uni and gained some experience in the real world, I set up Mary Kate Photography and I haven’t looked back since. This year I’m working full time as a wedding photographer and, when I get the chance, a photographic artist. It’s really exciting and I’m very grateful to be able to pursue a career that I love.

However, this business is not only about photographing beautiful happy people on their wedding day. It’s really important to offer the best service possible and continue to be proactive with the ways I market those services. Sometimes the really simple ideas give the best returns. By knowing who my ideal clients are and using helpful professional companies like to deliver top quality end products, I can reach my next clients over and over again and give my current clients a really positive, memorable experience.  

A fabulous example of a simple but effective marketing tool is the addition of thank-you cards to all of my packages. I have found that brides and grooms have so many details to think about in the run up to their big day, that they tend to leave thinking about thanking their wedding guests until the last minute or even until after the day itself. As their photographer, I am more than happy to help them to get their thank-yous sorted, by capturing a ‘thank-you’ image on the day and then supplying the finished product to them upon their return from honeymoon.

I can choose a theme and style of card that matches the wedding theme, with the right colours and fonts. There are so many options on offer at, even down to the colour and texture of the paper, so I really can create a very personal touch that matches the uniqueness of the wedding itself. If my clients like to be involved in the creative process, then I send them proof copies via email so that we can work together on the design and wording. Or if my clients prefer, I put it all together for them so that it’s one less thing for them to worry about! 

Anything I can do to tick something off their ‘to do’ list I will do, and the added bonus of thank-you cards is that with my logo and website on the reverse, hundreds of guests will also have my contact details to hand. You can’t beat positive and personal recommendations as a wedding photographer and thank-you cards are a brilliant way to make that solid reconnection with all of the wedding guests who I met during the wedding day.

Ultimately, the best thing about thank-you cards is that everyone is happy; I get the opportunity to make contact with hundreds of potential clients, the bride and groom send out a personal and heartfelt thank you, and their wedding guests receive a lovely keepsake after the wedding day.

You can see more of Mary Kate's work by visiting her website, facebook page and pinterest boards. 



Alex Wilkie
30 Apr 2014 13:55
terrific examples
David Brookes
30 Apr 2014 15:06

30 Apr 2014 19:46
Great to see the post go live! Thank you for your kind comments Alex and David :)
C Hiazos
01 May 2014 09:16
These just gives me amazing idea!
nolette ada
08 May 2014 12:47
these are lovely creations! im having my wedding this june and might choose a nice engagement photo for my thank you card front page. thanks for the idea!
Emily Cole
08 May 2014 16:08
This is a fantastic idea as an addition to a Wedding photography package! Great work too, your portfolio is lovely. Keep it up!
29 Oct 2015 10:08
lovely ideas ~ thanks for sharing :D

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