Handmade heaven: how to hand finish your stationery

Crafting your wedding stationery is a very simple way to personalise your wedding, along with the end product being something you are proud of, as it is handmade by you.  Here at Brides-Made, we show you how simple and fun it is to create unique and personalised items for your wedding day that friends and family can take part in, making the process of your wedding enjoyable.

Along with providing inspirational craft products, we sell printable downloads for invites and decided to test one of them using’s new Wedding Collection. Ordering their sample pack really helped us decide on what type of paper we felt suited our invite design. Within their various paper collection we chose Nettuno; a ribbed white paper.

Once our invitations and RSVP cards arrived, we were able to start crafting to show you how simple and fun it can be to add your personal, handmade touch to them.

Lots of craft products can be used to express both your personalities; whether it be diamonds, lace, pearls, ribbon or baker’s twine; each can set a different feel and style to your wedding. We have found that the best place to purchase any form of craft products in bulk for wedding invites is eBay, as you can find most items that you need and it’s not too expensive.

For this post, we wanted to show brides-to-be how we would add simple DIY touches to our printed invites and how it makes them stand out to be more unique; along with how different materials showcase different styles.

To make a modern invite with a rustic twist, all you need is some baker's twine, buttons and your printed stationery.


Step one

Place your button through your baker’s twine.


Step two

Turn your invite to the back, and twist the baker's twine to make a crisscross on the back.


Step three

Turn your invite around, bringing both sides of the bakers twine around, and move your button into the middle of the invite.


Step four

Add your RSVP card onto one side of the twine and move the card into the middle.


Step five

Finish off with tying the baker's twine into a bow.


With this invite you could also go a different way and make it convey a more romantic feel to it using lace doilies and mini wooden pegs.

Step one

Fold your lace doilie in half and glue the bottom half to the back of the invite and do this on both sides.


Step two

Using your mini wooden peg, take your RSVP card and attach to the top of your invite. Simple!


It's definitely worth considering adding handmade touches to your invites — we feel it adds character to your stationery. We hope we have inspired you to craft handmade ideas into your wedding and how simple and fun it can be.

We wish you all the best with your wedding planning...and crafting!


Brides-made have a passion for crafts and weddings and put thier twist on the wedding market by showing brides-to-be how to craft items for their wedding day. Find out more at and 



David Brookes
05 Feb 2014 09:19
Lovely tip :-)
05 Feb 2014 11:36
Great tips, thanks
05 Feb 2014 17:58
Love it!x
Alex Wilkie
06 Feb 2014 11:47
thanks for the tips
Margaret Nastasha Nolan-Meddings
07 Feb 2014 09:55
Doing something similar right now for my sister! I cannot wait for the cards to arrive so that I can get started :)
Karla Hall
07 Feb 2014 14:04
Great tips, thank you
nix E
10 Feb 2014 10:08
Great ideas! Keep em coming!
Adam Smith
11 Feb 2014 14:37
Will pass this to my colleague who is getting married in July
20 Feb 2014 15:53
Bakers twine is a lovely alternative to ribbon.
jill tse
25 Feb 2014 22:25
great tips!
Su Mwamba
13 May 2014 18:40
A simple but effective idea that could be adapted to personalise any print project, not just wedding invitations!
Charlotte Barrett
17 Jun 2014 14:46
Great tip thanks!
21 Oct 2015 09:11
Gorgeous, love these ideas!!!
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 14:36
They look lovely!

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