Grow your online craft business: 4 new ways to boost revenue

When it comes to selling your crafty wares online, there are more options available to you than popular favourites like Etsy and We’ve gathered together a selection of the internet’s finest online marketplaces, so whether you’re looking for something a little different or just want to spread yourself across a lot of different platforms, you’ll be able to find a site that fits just right.

Image credit: Folksy Seller Mellyebee 


For those creatives out there that like the feeling of being part of an online community, MISI is the answer to your prayers. Strictly for handmade and vintage items, MISI gives shoppers the opportunity to find something unique .

MISI are great at helping people get started, not just with their small business, but also to get set up on the site. This includes tutorials and a forum for support 24/7—always useful if you need a helping hand every so often. Sellers will also benefit from a free shop, blog and domain so they can be up and running in no time.




Folksy is a champion of British craft—they launched in 2008 and are now the largest marketplace selling work exclusively created in the UK. Because they only ask that sellers be UK–based and sell products they have made themselves, anyone can create a store and start retailing their stuff, small business and hobbyists alike. If your work is a celebration of the best of British, then this is the marketplace for you!

If you fancy giving Folksy a go, you can choose from two different account types: a basic account (free) or a Folksy Plus account (£45 a year). Sellers with basic accounts only pay 15p and VAT for every product that they list and 6% commission on every item that they sell. Sellers with a Folksy Plus account can list all their items for free, but are still subject to the 6% commission fee.

Image Credit: Folksy seller Red Hand Gang

Not Mass Produced

If Folksy is the champion of the British business, then Not Mass Produced are the champion of small, independent sellers. They are advocates of putting money back into to home-grown, local businesses instead of large global companies and keeping the art of handcrafting alive. If you are a seller with strong ethics, then NMP is a marketplace that will speak to your heart.

Not Mass Produced like to handpick their sellers, so if you want to join their marketplace, you have to be prepared to be heavily vetted. They will help you promote your wares and boast an easy-to-use site for those that aren’t technically minded.





If you are after an online marketplace that comes complete with all the bells and ribbons, Giggling Hedgehogs is a great choice. Like Folksy, Giggling Hedgehogs deals in unique British crafts sourced and sold locally. They pride themselves on being friendly, easy and convenient. What more could you want?

Image Credit: Giggling Hedgehogs 

Sellers signed up to Giggling Hedgehogs can benefit from their own online shop and tons of free marketing like social media, product placement, competitions, promotions and more. These are the guys that just keep on giving!

 Image Credit: Giggling Hedgehogs


If you found something that tickled your fancy, why not head on over and look into setting up an online shop? As well as boosting your revenue, you’ll be getting some great exposure and making valuable business contacts all at the same time.

Got any more sites up your sleeve? Share a comment in the box below!


21 Sep 2014 17:41
Good timing- exactly what I was looking for. Great blog!! :-)
26 Sep 2014 21:42
Cushion Cover Image Credit: Giggling Hedgehogs Seller, Dandelion Dream Co
Debby Dean
28 Sep 2014 13:27
Handmake Me is a relatively new selling platform too; Lovely people and very supportive :)
Su Mwamba
07 Oct 2014 22:18
I'm already on Etsy & Folksy but am always looking for new platforms to try. I'll definitely be investigating these suggestions further - thank you!
18 Oct 2014 14:56 is new and really lovely!
Alex Wilkie
21 Oct 2014 11:44
looking forward to trying some of this
16 Nov 2014 13:37
Great tips, I will keep it in mind.
melanie Green
07 Jun 2015 10:01
Always looking for new selling venues online... I'll check these out. I'm already on Folksy!
08 Feb 2017 10:12
Misi and Folksy are new to me so thanks for this (looks like a couple of these are no longer running)

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