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The last few months have been busy ones for the little worker bees here at the HQ. We’ve been buzzing around behind the scenes, putting together a plan to totally rethink one of our core ranges: business cards.

Key to this drive is you; our lovely users, who’ve been sending us all kinds of ideas and suggestions about what you’d like to see from our range. Well, we’ve been listening, and we hope you like what we’ve come up with…

printed business cards new range

Nine new paper stocks, four sizes, three different finishes and endless possibilities—there has never been a better time to make a unique first impression.

So to all those lovely, lovely papers; where do we begin? Well, we started by upgrading our silk paper stock which is now a genuinely hefty 400gsm. Pair that with our all-new velvet laminate and you have something rather noteworthy.

rives dot business card printing

You can now choose from the beautifully tactile Tintoretto Gesso or the old-skool charm of our Kraft stock. You can embrace the delicate details of our Dot and Tweed papers, or make a genuine statement with our new luxury range that includes the imposingly impressive 1,000gsm Lux card.

We’ve tried to give you options, no matter what your need or desire—magnetic cards for the fridge or the glamorous edge of our folded cards on Conqueror Gold—your wish is our pleasure!

But we’re not finished there. If you don’t have your artwork ready to go, you now have the ability to choose from a huge range of stylish designs, just waiting for your details and logo to be added. Whether you want something specific to your industry, or something a little more stripped back, there is a design for you. Just select ‘choose a design’ and follow the super-simple process. You’ll be done in next to no time with professional-looking cards that will do you proud no matter what your destination.

square business card printing

Finally, the best paper stocks on the web, teamed with beautiful designs, mean nothing if they arrive badly printed, damaged and bashed up. Here at we are genuinely passionate about print, and we live this with the sky-high standards we set for ourselves. We’ve invested thousands into the very finest digital presses and the artisans to run them, to ensure that your cards print perfectly every single time. Couple this with stylish protective packaging, market-defining shipping partners, and delivery options for every occasion, and you can be sure that whatever your need, we’ve got your back.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the new range here, and let us know what you think in the comments…


Katie Edwards
25 Jun 2015 12:18
Woo hoo! This is exciting! Do you have any business card sample packs you can send out?
Mirlah Thornley
25 Jun 2015 13:22
Can't tell you how excited I am about the new range! :D Seriously the possibilities are so exciting! Thank you!
Daniel Olivier-Argyle
29 Jun 2015 09:15
Hey Katie,
There's a design for a business card sample pack in the pipeline. It should be available within three weeks.

Alex Wilkie
29 Sep 2015 10:54
great to see the new range
09 Apr 2016 13:57
some lovely innovative business card ideas :)

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