Get creative with your gifts this Christmas

Yes it's that special time of year. The time when you fight back the urge to tear your hair out as you frantically trawl through gift guides and Amazon suggestions to try and find that perfect present for your nearest and dearest. 

But fear not! We're here with a (we hope) timely list, packed full of great creative-type gifts that will raise a smile and earn you those all important brownie points. Let us take some of the work out of the search so you can focus on the giving, and achieving the smug-feeling of superiority that comes with being a gift-buying boss.

1) Scrabble lights by Word Up (£19.99 from Firebox)

Words are awesome. Light is a highly-useful thing. Combine the two and you get what must surely be decorative wonderment for all ages. Add in the fact that the words can be changed using stickers (stickers!) and this has to make any board-game lover's Christmas wish list.

scrabble lights

2) Smartphone Projector And Speaker Gift Set – Luckies of London LTD (£34.95)

Forget expensive projectors, this smart and stylish gizmo lets you share your pics and videos direct from your smart phone for under £40. It also comes with a pretty decent smart phone speaker too. Bargain!

3) 3Doodler 2.0 ($99/£66)

Yes, we all want a 3D printer, but until they become mass-market affordable, this little beauty is a hugely fun free-hand substitute. It allows you to create fun plastic doodles in a rainbow array of colours, and you can even 'draw' in mid-air to create fabulous 3D sculptures. A fantastic way to get into a whole new dimenson of art. 

4) Smartphone Time-Lapse Turntable (£19.99 from Firebox)

If your giftee is a budding film-maker this could be the perfect (cheapo) way to help them achieve those Peter Jackson-esque sweeping panoramas. Perfect with a smartphone, but it also works perfectly with tripods and proper-type cameras if they are 'really' into it. J.J. Abrams-type lense flare not included. Speaking of... 

5) R2D2 Desk Vac and Star Wars 3D Wall Lights (£14.99/£49.99 from Firebox)

There's a little film franchise bursting back to life this month. Star Wars - you may have heard of it. Someone of your aquaintance is bound to be a rabid enough fan to go all Ewok over these fantastic bits of semi-practical merchandise. Keep their work-station spiffy and inspire 'nerd-joy' with this R2 hand vac or help them battle the Dark Side with this choice of Millenium Falcon or Death Star wall lights.

Deathstar light and R2D2 vac


6) The Writer's Toolbox (£16.99 on Amazon)

A rather innovative mix of writing guide and game, this creative writing kit by Jamie Cat Callan is the perfect way to blast through writer's block and help someone get their literary juices flowing freely once more. 

7) Aquanotes (£10.99 on Amazon)

Another one for that wordsmith of your aquaintance. Inspiration can strike in the oddest of places, and if there's one spot you're highly likely not to have a writing impliment at hand it's when you're singing up a storm in the shower. Solve that first-world problem for them and stop those great ideas being washed down the plughole with this water-proof wonder.

Aquanotes waterproof notepad

8) Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud Connected Notebook by Moleskin (£25.50)

This melding of high-tech wizardry and top-end stationery could be the best marriage since David Bowie and Iman. Scribble your designs into this super-smart notebook and, with the help of a simple app, they'll instantly be digitised as an SVG file for instant use in Adobe Illustrator CC or Adobe Photoshop CC. Magic!

Seen something else epically cool that you'd love to find under your tree? Why not share it with your fellow creatives in the comments below.





David Fleming
14 Dec 2015 16:06
The scrabble lights are a great idea. They look really effective - and better still, not just for Christmas.
Bryony Bishop
25 Apr 2017 13:51
Great ideas!

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