Fundraising sites: how to set up a new kind of campaign


You might not have thought it, but there could be a brand new way for you to help raise funds for your organisation, or boost the funds that you’re being donated already. Get ready to ditch the bucket of change in favour of something a little more technologically advanced and every bit as effective.

Fundraiser sites have picked up steam in charitable circles and are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to earn funds to help a good cause. Organisations which register on one of these fundraiser sites can benefit from extra donation top-ups while supporters and donors shop online. If you think this sounds too good to be true, you can rest assured — it’s definitely real!




What’s a fundraiser site?

Fundraiser sites are online companies which allow charitable organisations like yours to raise money as your donors shop online. Sites like Easy Fundraiser and Every Click are great examples of these fundraiser companies; each one works a little differently, so it’s worth giving them the once over to see which is a better fit for your own organisation.

The majority of fundraiser sites work on very similar principals, here is the basic gist:

  1. You donor uses the fundraiser site to search for the product they want to buy online, instead of heading straight to Google or Bing to find it.
  2. When they find what they’re looking for, they click through to the relevant retail site and place the order. Don’t worry…they won’t pay extra for helping you out!
  3. Because the donor has previously registered as wanting to donate to your organisation, the company they bought their item from will provide a small donation to you.

And it’s just as easy as that


How can I promote my new campaign?

Once you have chosen the best fundraiser site for your organisation, you’ll need to let you donors and supporters know about the campaign and that they can help you each time they shop online.

The easiest and fastest way to get the word out about your new fundraising initiative is to pop a link on your organisation’s website. Make sure that you give the campaign pride of place and that you let everyone know how to resister and what will happen when they do.

Top tip! Why not suggest that your donors bookmark your chosen fundraiser site on their internet browser so they can access it quickly when they want to shop?


If you don’t have a website for your organisation, or want to support your campaign with a little something extra, you can print up something to hand out on the streets, at tills or at fundraising events. Postcards, leaflets or flyers are three of the best ways to spread news and they can be used as a reference next time someone who supports you wants to buy something online.

Whether you love jangling that bucket of change or not, fundraising sites are a fun, easy way to get some extra pennies in those coffers, so why not give them a try and see what they could be doing for you?


Alex Wilkie
18 Feb 2014 14:16
Bitcoins for the charity world.....
It is good to see technology embraced in this way.
11 Jan 2016 10:21
Not something I know anything about, interesting to read about

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