Friday fun: photography caption competition

In celebration of our upcoming Photography Collection we thought we would have some Friday fun and give you a little bit more with a caption competition! Just look at the image below and provide us with a funny, witty or clever caption and the best will win a printed voucher. You can use it now or wait to splurge on the superb photography range.  

 Image Courtsey of Fry Film

Just take a look at the image, does it instantly inspire you or has it turned you on your head (see what we did there?) and you need to give it some thought? Either way, give us your best answer in the comments below, please note only one caption per entrant, so make sure you put forward your favourite final choice as no other comments will be accepted.

The winner will be chosen by the team next Friday, 6th June, so you have plenty of time to think of something fabulous. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Stephen Liddell
23 May 2014 13:33
"If I close one eye, I'm standing on the moon"
Kieran Sperring
23 May 2014 13:37
IKEA show off their new 'Head board' range.
David Brookes
23 May 2014 14:46
Just Chillin
Kate Barry
27 May 2014 17:33
Unbeknown to 'Y', the rest of the Village People were too cold and had sneaked off to the pub!
28 May 2014 17:30
Mike wished the cameraman would wonder off and leave him alone, as there was only so long he could pretend that he hadn't glued himself to the floor before the facade would crack...
Alex Wilkie
29 May 2014 13:22
showing off his photoshop prowess.
His helmet is actually orange.
Kieran Sperring
29 May 2014 15:01
"Off the top of my head, I don't know what am doing"
Ricky Joyce
29 May 2014 18:43
Heads up! Or was it surfs up? Erm ... can someone help me here?!
Tina Mammoser
29 May 2014 20:45
Gravity problem in new "Sky Boarding" Olympic site.
31 May 2014 15:12
Head, Shoulders, knees and toes.......
03 Jun 2014 13:38
Hey mum, I've nearly mastered the backflip!

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