Four New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t make

New Year’s resolution fails, we’ve all been there and we’ve all certainly done that. Here are some resolutions you should definitely avoid and some better ones you can try instead!

The “I’m going to lose all this extra Christmas weight and then some” resolution, also known as the “Drop three dress sizes before summer” resolution

The most major downfall of this resolution is the diets you’ll try to get it done and get it done fast.  If you think you’re going to last more than one day on the baby food diet, water and cayenne pepper diet — or worse yet — the cabbage soup diet, you’re fooling yourself in a big way. Everyone that’s ever been successful at losing weight and getting healthy knows that good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise are your best friends.

Making simple changes to your diet, like cutting down portions, making sure you have a stash of healthy snacks at your desk and making smart choices aren’t hard to do and will really take you leaps and bounds towards your ultimate weight goal.

Try instead: “I’m dropping down to one takeaway a week.”


The “This year I’m going to get out more” resolution

This is a thinly veiled way of saying that you feel like you are missing out and  want to hit the town like you did when you were younger. There are better ways of achieving a well socially rounded approach to life without trying to get into student night at your local nightclub.

Why not reach out to old school friends of Facebook and arrange to meet up for coffees or drinks? You can also try joining a local club or activity which helps get you out of the house and keeps your mind/body active while meeting new people — enrol in a dressmaking course or join your local rowing team. Why ever not?!

Try instead: “This year I will reconnect with one old friend/start a new hobby.”


The “This year I’m going to quit drinking” resolution

Now I’m not saying this can’t be done (I’ve done it myself) but it is incredibly unrealistic to attempt, especially those that try and go cold turkey. Instead of cutting yourself off from drinking completely, why not slowly cut back, enjoying soft drinks at some of the gatherings you go to, to make it more manageable.

Learning to keep it occasional and sticking to it, will make stopping altogether much more manageable. You may find that going out ‘on the lash’ once or twice a month instead of every week is better for you and even preferable.

Try instead: “I’m going to stop having glasses of wine with dinner every evening.”


The “This year I’m going to save more money” resolution

How can this be bad, you ask? It isn’t. In fact, this is a great resolution…when approached in a more achievable way.  The whole statement is a vague, vague promise, soon to be forgotten when you start absent mindedly browsing eBay on your lunch break. You need to know what you’re saving for; having a goal in mind will really help you stay focused towards achieving the reward at the end of that long, hard, saving road.

Let’s start small with this one; how about only buying your lunch on a Friday and bringing it in with you for the rest of the week (this ties in nicely with resolution one)? Maybe you can cut back on your nights out a little (this ties in with resolution three…see where this is going?)? Make lists when you go food shopping to stop deviations and eat before you go to stop that hunger-based impulse buying.

Work out how much you need for bills, travel and food for the month, and then see how much you’ve got left over. Deciding what you want to put away is dependent on your remaining budget, so don’t stuff the cash away if you know you won’t be able to last the month — dipping into the nest egg is a no no. Before you know it, you’ll have a tidy little pile of dosh saved for a rainy day, resolution complete!

Try instead: “This year I’m going to save £20 a month for my new Jacuzzi/Jimmy Choos/house deposit/new car.”


Here’s wishing you a very happy New Year from the whole team at! 


02 Jan 2014 13:23
So True - however I am going to ride my bike at over 20mph average on a 30 mile blast.

when I'm not training for that - re branding all my stationary to match my website for my photography business will do.

David Brookes
02 Jan 2014 13:42
I don't bother making them anymore. I just learn and adapt as I go, no need to wait for New Year to make a change.
Alex Wilkie
07 Jan 2014 11:33
my resolution days are behind me.
Now i just think them and dismiss them.

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