Five factors to consider when creating your business card

We may live in a digital era but we believe that business cards are a prominent part of any marketing, especially when it comes to marketing yourself. Giving someone your business card is like leaving part of yourself behind; your business card represents you. Here are five things to consider.

  1. Think about the card itself. We suggest a standard size (85x55mm), silk finish, matt laminated and 350gsm, this specification won’t give you flimsy bit of card that looks like it’s been cut with a pair of scissors but you will have a thick enduring card which will wear well.
  2. It may be obvious but make sure that your business card contains current and relevant information, this means if your information changes so does your business card. Sometimes adding a visual identifier such as a logo for your business also helps to maintain, memorable but useful information to your business card.
  3. Having a great design on your card can make a huge impression mainly making it memorable. Having two or three designs or varying the colours of your design can make your business cards more interesting.
  4. Your business card has to be relevant to you but also your business or sector that you work in. You can’t have a funeral director with a bright and cheery business card, it just doesn’t fit. So originality is key, as well as legibility.
  5. Lastly, think about what happens when giving your business card to people. There is no point in handing out your card just because you can, talk to the person make a good impression before you give them your card. But equally a bad business card has the possibility to ruin a good impression you’ve already made.

Having a great business card helps make a lasting impression and we believe these five tips help the process along. 



Corey - Business Card Printing
08 Jan 2014 09:36
Many thanks for sharing these five factors to consider when creating your business card, useful and helpful for me, surely will bookmark this post. Keep sharing. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Alexa at Design One Printing
17 May 2015 22:14
Thanks for the info. I would add one more tip for designing a business card. Don't forget to show your designs to 10 of your potential clients before actually printing the cards. That way you know if they are good designs.
18 Nov 2015 07:58
good tips :)
03 Jun 2016 06:57
just sorting one out so useful info

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