February’s brilliant bits: our favourite blogs, sites and creative stuff

February is over so it's time for us to 'leap' into the best of its Brilliant Bits (there were some we promise). So let's dive into all that was good, great or just a little bit weird from around the web and the creative world in our monthly round-up.

Uber delivers puppies in New York – Hello Giggles
Uber, whether they are your transportation saviours or the dawn of a black-cab apocalypse you can't deny the genius of their February marketing campaign. For the second year in a row (and following on from a successful trial with cats back in October), Uber in America partnered up with an animal charity to deliver puppies (in need of adoption no less) to New York offices. Stress relief and a much-needed dose of adorableness for stressed city workers and a match-making service for potential pet owners and their new best friend. Awww...can we get this in the UK please?

Disney reimagined a la Tim Burton – Andrew Tarusov 
Beautifully exploiting/utilising every IP loophole going artist and animator Andrew Tarusov imagines what the wonderful world of Disney would look like if the visually distinctive stylings of Tim Burton extended beyond Alice in Wonderland to the rest of their classic characters. We particularly love the delightfully creepy take on Pinocchio.

Photographers in space – Mental Floss 
You may not have heard, but there's a Brit in space. And apparently he's a bit of a dab hand with a camera - handy in case that astronaut thing doesn't work out for him. Tim Peake has been loving his time on the ISS, and has been sharing the experience with some literally out of this world images such as this gorgeous one of the Northern Lights. He posts regularly on Twitter if you're eager to see more of his snaps from space. 

OK Go zero G – YouTube
Masters of the ultra-co-ordinated and amazingly choreographed music video, OK Go returned to up their own anty with the release of new track Upside Down & Inside Out. Take one Russian air craft on a parabolic flight path and mix with some beautifully colour-co-ordinated props and what do you get? Well this slice of audio-visual magic it would seem.

Travel to Mars without the 'one way trip' issue – Futurism 
Virtual reality has finally arrived it would seem. After decades of promising much and delivering little, the tech companies are finally giving us the goods. Now Microsoft are getting in on the act and taking it one step further with their new HoloLens, a technology which combines VR with holographic projection for a ground-breaking interactive experience that's helping NASA get feet on the Martian surface without even having to leave the planet. Check it out!


15 Mar 2017 12:12
Futurism's HoloLens teleportation is awesome!

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