Express yourself: 10 reaction GIFs every designer needs

This one’s for you, designers. Whether it’s all gravy or gone Pete Tong, you can use this collection of GIFs to accurately express yourself and, because they’re all cat-related, you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. Wins all around!

When your client says, “I love it, but what would it look like if…”


When that last piece of work was good enough to add to your portfolio

The futile feeling of a finance department invoice chase

You get the first draft back and there are no changes

When you hit your fifth round of changes

When you try to fight your creative block

When the client expectation is way too high, but you nail it anyway

When the client expectation is way too high and you don’t quite make it

You find something new to add to your inspiration stash

When the postman delivers the print job you’ve been waiting for

Are there any situations you need a GIF for? Are you going to use any of the GIFs we’ve featured here? Leave a comment below and let us know.


Lisa B
24 Jul 2015 12:08
'When the postman delivers the print job you’ve been waiting for'

YEP, that's me every time! ☺
David Brookes-Lennon
26 Jul 2015 22:19
Ha ha love this
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
28 Jul 2015 07:30
Haha! Love that last one!!! xox
29 Jul 2015 13:40
Haha, this is brilliant... and so true!
17 Aug 2015 15:25
Great clips :D

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