Exhibition mission: what you’ll need to succeed

It isn’t always a bad thing to make an exhibition of yourself—especially when you’re trying to get maximum attendance at an exhibition. Like the Pied Piper of public events, you too can have hordes of people flocking to you, hoping to attend your show, event or exhibition. Here is our list of must-have exhibition print, peppered with little tips and tricks to help you save money and get maximum attendance.

Exhibition preparation


High flyer
Getting people to attend is the first and most important step to a successful event. Make sure you get the word out by printing up a couple of stacks of high quality flyers. You’ll be able to leave them in locations that you know your demographic will be attending, tuck them in with orders or purchases, keep them at till points and canvas the streets with them to make sure that everyone knows something of interest is happening.

exhibition stationery leaflets and flyers

Printing flyers costs virtually nothing (especially if you indulge in a little of it here at, they might be old skool, but they are print marketing at its finest!

Exhibition stationery wiro bound brochures

Printed portfolios
Wiro bound brochures were made for public events and showcases; the spiralised binding lets the pages roam free, so you can fold your brochure back on itself, stand it up or leave it flat and open, safe in the knowledge that it won’t spring closed. This means that you’ll be able to leave a few printed brochures out on a stand, display or showroom to help inform and inspire.

I’ll take my information to go
When it comes to informative literature, you’ve gotta love a leaflet. Embellish your display or stand with a couple and give prospective clients and customers something they can take away. They’re brilliant for price lists and extra information that’ll secure new business later on.

Be booklet bound
Sometimes you’ve got so much to say that a leaflet just won’t cover it. That’s where brochure printing comes in! Turn your wiro bound display books into take home showcases, fill them with a little history or create a shoppable catalogue for your product range. Saddle stitched brochures are nice little upgrade from a leaflet, with just a few extra pages to help inform. They’re one of our most popular brochures here at!

exhibition stationery perfect bound brochures

Perfect bound booklet printing is better for those with a lot to say and a highbrow image to keep. Bound like a book or a high-end magazine, perfect bound brochures are ideal for those documents weighing in at a maximum of 240 pages.  It’s super easy to print brochures online, so there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a few.

Do you feel ready to go forth and take on that exhibition with the power of print to fuel your success? Start creating your exhibition print now or leave a comment in the box below and start the conversation.


Alex Wilkie
29 Sep 2015 10:52
good advice for what can be a daunting prospect
10 Oct 2015 10:29
a very useful blog, thanks
28 Jan 2016 13:26
Great blog :)
14 Nov 2016 11:16
reading up on all exhibition advice as got stuff coming up next month - very useful!
Photo Editor
22 Mar 2017 12:07
This a great tips to success in the exhibition. Thanks a lot and hope something like this
Flourish and Luxe
22 Feb 2018 11:22
Great ideas, we always find some merchandise goes down well!

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