Everything you need to know about UK Weddings

Weddings don't just make us feel all mushy inside, they also help small businesses grow and develop. Find out how weddings could be helping you make big money in 2014... 

Wedding Infographic



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David Brookes
06 Jan 2014 19:05
I love the Wedding Collection. is my preferred printer for all our stationery
Alex Wilkie
09 Jan 2014 11:30
I am thinking of dabbling in this sector, thanks
21 Feb 2014 17:25
Really helpful to sell how much brides and grooms are spending on invitations.
Stuart Glegg
16 Jan 2015 08:13
£36,000 a wedding. Wow!
23 Jan 2015 14:53
Thanks David, we glad you like it!

Alex, keep posted! We are currently developing content with our wedding stationers to help you creative sorts who are considering branching out into wedding stationery. Any questions, please let us know and we will try to answer it.

Thanks Barbara, also if they want hand finishing or letter press they can spend even more.

Stuart, we hear you!
20 Oct 2015 11:47
very interesting stats, I guess a few more £s could be added on to the average cost a year on too ;)

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